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The CGI film Resident Evil: Death Island trailer has been released

Fans of Resident Evil are gearing up for the arrival of the Resident Evil 4 remake this year. However, another narrative based on the series will be released later. A new CGI movie just got announced, and it will come out later this year. Fans of the series should prepare for Resident Evil: Death Island. While the film has just recently been announced, you can see the release trailer in the video. Similarly, we know a few facts regarding the film’s plot.

Resident Evil: Death Island will take place in the aftermath of a new bioweapons threat. It seems that the film will star Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and Jill Valentine. Although additional characters from the Resident Evil series might appear, these are only a few faces we’ve seen thus far in the video. It seems that a new danger has emerged, with the relationship centered on the historic Alcatraz Island. So it seems that our crew will be traveling to the island or looking for a solution to prevent the virus from spreading over the planet.

We do know a little bit about where this film will take place in terms of time. Resident Evil: Death Island is a prequel to Resident Evil: Vendetta. Resident Evil: Vendetta, as you remember, is another CGI film that was released in 2017. However, that film takes place between the events of Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil 7. That might signify that the film is still taking place around that period. We’re still waiting for clarification on whether this is the case or whether we’re moving forward in the video game timeframe.

Regardless, fans will be able to view this flick sometime this summer. Right now, we don’t have a set release date. Similarly, we know that Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will distribute the picture globally, but we don’t know whether it will be available on any streaming services right now. There’s a potential the picture may be available on a streaming service, but there’s no assurance on that front either. Meanwhile, you can see the release trailer below.

RESIDENT EVIL: DEATH ISLAND – Official Teaser Trailer

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