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Best Online Soccer Video Streaming Platforms and Services

We live in the modern age. What that means for the average sports fan is that they no longer have to be subscribed to a pricy cable or satellite TV bundle that not only includes uninteresting channels but is also vulnerable to the vagaries of weather, such as winter or thunderstorms.

The alternative? Online video streaming platforms. Gone are the days of turning your face in stress and irritation whenever you saw the sky darken with the heralding of bad weather. You no longer have to raise an angry fist at the universe or almighty God whenever your highly expected sports match is going to be interrupted since now you can make do just with an internet connection.

You heard that right. Want to watch sports and only sports? Then you can subscribe to a sports streaming platform that broadcasts only what you feel is relevant. If you’re not interested in watching basketball, for example, and only want to watch baseball games, then odds are a package just like that is out there for you.

The reason for this earth-shattering change in the way that media is consumed is largely due to the advent and rise of over-the-top services (OTT). They are essentially specialized bundles of select content that have been tailored for specific audiences without any additional, inconvenient trappings.

OTT media is separate from traditional TV channel bundles. A popular example would be Netflix, which has quickly become to be one of the most, if not the most popular OTT service. It essentially allows you to watch a huge collection of movies and TV shows by only paying a fraction of a TV bundle pricing scheme.

Most relevant for sports fans would be a video OTT streaming service, which would (ideally) display sports games from all over the world, whenever, wherever. You have a huge variety of choices when it comes to finding the right one for you. The convenience of OTT cannot be underestimated.

What Are My OTT Soccer Streaming Service Options?

There are a lot of OTT sports streaming services out there for you to take into consideration. Each of them offers its own distinct advantages, although if you’re in it for soccer, then the best one for you would probably be the platform that offers a lot of football coverage. This means including footage from outside of the nation as well, since European football is where it’s at.

Sling TV ($34.99-$49.99/mo)

Looking for a solid OTT service that doesn’t cost much? Sling TV is one of the most popular choices on account of its affordability, large array of content, and good streaming quality. The primary downside to Sling TV is that it doesn’t offer DVR unless you pay extra. That is a strange feature to lack in our current day and age.


  • Affordable pricing.
  • Large range of content.
  • Good channel lineup.
  • High streaming quality.
  • No written contracts.


  • DVR is not included.

Youtube TV ($64.99/mo)

Did you know Youtube also has a streaming service? It’s called Youtube TV, and it features an excellent variety of content as well as a tremendous sports channel lineup. People often claim that Youtube TV is the perfect choice for sports fans. The cherry on top is that DVR is included in the bundle, and not only that, but it’s also supremely high quality.


  • Perfect for sports content.
  • Expansive channel lineup.
  • Offers multi-device support.
  • Premium streaming quality.
  • Can share multiple accounts.


  • Pricy compared to competitors.
  • Does not have international coverage.
  • Cannot view videos offline.

The Future is Here

Remember the time when visiting a neighbour to take advantage of their cable or satellite subscription was a thing? That is long gone now since even the most cash-conscious people can afford to dish out an affordable amount to benefit from a huge variety of interesting and relevant sports-related content. We live in the time of live soccer video streaming.

It’s hard to call anyone streaming service or platform as being the best, as it all depends on what you need. In the end, the only person who can come to a definite conclusion as to which one is most useful is you, and we’ve given you two solid choices to consider.

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