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Apple 2023: What to expect this year?

With Tim Cook saying that the Apple product line is being set for this year, it has become certain that there will be no huge Apple product launch this year. So if you are still expecting an extravagant event, you will probably have to wait for another couple of months to see if there are any changes in the Mac lineup, and if they are ready to shock you with another surprise they’ve got up their sleeves. In the past, Apple has always been known for its launch events, where it proudly displayed its new products.

This year, instead of the launch event, Apple is going to stream it online. Well, the good news is that, unlike the launch event, if you’re bored watching the live stream, you can just switch apps and do something you like. Something like casual betting to chill and relax for a while. is the perfect companion as they provide various login bonuses and free spins upon joining. There may even be chances to win a big wager so you can buy the latest Apple products without worrying about your bank balance. Apart from all this, here is a serious lineup of products you can expect this year from Apple.

MacBook M2 Pro and M2 Max

According to an Apple insider, you can expect the most awaited 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. These MacBooks will be fueled by the M2 Pro and M2 Max chipsets. If you are currently using the current generation of M1-powered MacBooks, you can upgrade to the latest products. These MacBooks are said to be lighter, more durable, and faster than the previous generations. The currently available on the market feature the standard version M2 chipsets. The MacBook Pro 13-inch and the MacBook Air both of these were launched at the WWDC in June 2022.

M2 Mac Mini

The most affordable product by Apple, the Mac Mini, seems to be getting an upgrade. This upgrade is a huge one. The Mac Mini is reportedly getting a new M2 chipset. The most powerful mini desktop, known for its compact design and performance, will raise the standards and set the bar again with this new upgrade. Also, for the Mac Mini, this is going to be the first upgrade in over two years since it was introduced and launched with an M1 chipset.


Speculations are still going on if Apple is finally going to enter the Metaverse. These speculations can either be termed to be correct or dismissed with the launch of this new headset. This headphone was expected to be launched last year, but it was delayed due to reported software and heating issues in the device. Apart from the delay itself, Apple has taken a lot of time in the development of the Apple XR, a mixed-reality headset. According to an Apple employee, the device was in its advanced development stages in May 2022. Again with Tim Cook’s statement of the product line being locked for this year, if this headphone comes out, it will be the game changer in the headphone industry.

Apple is known for its secrecy when it comes to bug development and projects like these. According to some leaks, the Apple XR can come with an iris scanner. This techno can reportedly be able to verify and identify payments. Also, this headphone will be revealed with ski-goggle technology.  This design and technology are said to be poles apart from Meta Quest 2 and the Meta Quest 2 Pro headsets.

Folding Design

The biggest question right now is if Apple is going to go along and give in to the folding technology. For now, you can rest assured that there will be no device launched to finally introduce the folding technology in the Apple arsenal. But reportedly, Apple will be testing out this technology, and there are chances that Apple will incorporate this technology in 2024 with their iPad line-up. It will be exactly opposite to the arch-rival Samsung which has given every device in the flagship category a foldable design. But doing the same will be out of character for Apple as they usually refrain from jumping in on any trend, especially when it’s related to technology that can affect their customers’ user experience and gratification.


Apple has always been known to create mystery and hype as well about their products when the launch event is nearby.  To be honest, it’s all worth it because the products Apple launches and the technology they introduce to the market potentially change the way the whole industry works. 

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