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What are the 10 Main Cast of Modern Family Are Doing Next!

Modern Family ended a few years ago, but the cast of Modern Family is staying busy, starring in several new movies and TV shows for people to appreciate. Modern Family, one of the last few classic American historical dramas, ended almost two years ago with two-part, 11-part endings. In the final scenes, all three sets of parents were preparing for a different version of the future, while most children were college-age or older and doing that.

So, what has happened to everyone since the finale’s famous, modern family cast’s emotional group hug? While the story of the Pritchetts, Delgados, and Dunphys appears to be complete, there has been speculation about a Mitch and Cam spinoff, but nothing has been confirmed. However, many Modern Family actors have moved on to new projects that fans can enjoy.

Ty Burrell – Duncanville

Cast of Modern Family

Ty Burrell and Nolan Gould enchanted audiences everywhere as the clumsy, goofy, big-hearted Ty Burrell Phil Dunphy. The latter desired only the attention and affection of his wife, children, and, most importantly, his father-in-law. Like his co-star, Sofa Vergara, Ty Burrell, and Joie Bowen’s latest projects are of the animated variety, though this time it is a television series called Duncanville. Young Ty co-stars Jack Harris, a goofy, loving father with a wife and three children, alongside Amy Poehler.

Koati – Sofia Vergara

Cast of Modern Family

Sofa Vergara shone brightly as Gloria Pritchett, a loving and lively wife and a mother who was always delighted with her Colombian historic buildings, let them sparkle. Since the end of Modern Family, Sofa has done large commercial campaigns for companies such as Ritz. It has gone on to executive produce and star in the animated comedy film Koati. Sofa plays Zaina, a wicked snake who continues to threaten the rainforest in the film, which is in the modern family cast now October 2021.

Julie Bowen – Mixtape

Cast of Modern Family

Julie Bowen portrayed Claire Dunphy, the high-strung, perfectionist matriarch who would go to any length for her family. Since the series finale, she has appeared in several comedies, including American Dad and season 11 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Still, her most recent project is a Netflix original film called Mixtape.

In the film, she plays Gail, an overprotective young grandmother who struggles to speak about her late daughter, leaving her granddaughter Beverly to discover more for her.

Ed O’Neill – No Projects in the Works

Cast of Modern Family

Jay Pritchett is an elderly granddad, father, and father-in-law who appears to be set in his direction. But he would always twist at the end of the day to surprise those he loved. Ed O’Neill was welcomed into fans’ homes, and his second sitcom hit following the cancellation of Married With Children in 1997. While he has not made his announcement or cast of Modern Family, the end of his successful movie skills, he usually takes a healthy break for the time.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson – History Of The Sitcom

Cast of Modern Family

Jesse Tyler Ferguson also made a few looks and provided voice work for Pete. The Cat has since portrayed Mitchell Pritchett, 50 percent of the best-known duo Mitch and Cam. This spring, he’ll even come back to Main Street in the play Take Me Out.

Fans can catch him in the TV docuseries History of the Sitcom, where he discusses Modern Family and other sitcom classics that have inspired him over the years.

 Eric Stonestreet – No Current Forecasts

Cast of Modern Family

He is well famous for his ten years as Cameron Tucker, the charming, sometimes dramatic, and lovable character. Eric has yet to begin his next major project since the show’s conclusion.

He’s voiced a character in Madagascar: A Little Wild and appeared on reality shows such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, but he appears to be taking a break. Given that he has a while back, he is most likely preoccupied with his love situation.

Ariel Winter – Melody Of Memory from Kingdom Hearts

Cast of Modern Family

Like her co-star Rico, Ariel Winter grew up on the show as Alex Dunphy, the smartest of the Dunphys. Who would focus on the fact that she wasn’t a nerd while also bragging about her brilliance? Since the show ended, Ariel has had several projects. Including bringing back her role as Princess Sofia from Disney Junior’s Sofia the First in the extra recent show Elena of Avalar. Ariel’s voice can also be heard as Young Kairi.

 Sarah Hyland – Marry, Bone, Bury

Cast of Modern Family

Though she was playing a teenager, Sarah Hyland spent most of her time as Haley Dunphy, Phil and Claire’s oldest daughter. Eric Stonestreet’s fiancé age, which is carefree and somewhat ditzy in her 20s.

While she doesn’t have many on-screen projects lined up. Sarah lends her voice to the podcast series Bone, Marry, Bury as Allie. Who is having the worst time of her life after attending a life-changing party? She is also engaged to reality TV star Wells Adams. It is most likely planning her wedding.

Rico Rodriguez – No Projects in the Works

Cast of Modern Family

Rodriguez who performed Shawn Delgado on Modern Family was a huge success. Easily keeping up with comedy series legend Ed O’Neill while having fun with his stepson.

He has yet to move forward with or announce any new projects after a successful journey growing up on the show. Since the show has lasted roughly half of his life, A break is understandable to allow him to mature and figure out Rico Rodriguez’s movies and TV shows and what types of projects he wants to pursue next.

 What’s Up North? By Nolan Gould

Cast of Modern Family

Like Rico and Ariel, Nolan Gould’s parents underwent a significant transformation as the mischievous troublemakers of the youngest child. Modern Family Luke actor Dunphy, throughout his childhood and into early adulthood. Nolan has appeared in three episodes of the satirical variety show What’s Up North as Travis Tordjman, the show’s host. He is also ready to play Ivan in the upcoming film Camp. The cast of Modern Family, the release date of which is currently unknown.

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