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Kim Kardashian’s two-hour Harvard address was criticised as “hilarious”

Not everyone was impressed with Kim Kardashian’s almost two-hour lecture at Harvard Business School.

Kim Kardashian made an appearance at Harvard Business School on Friday as a guest speaker to discuss the success of her multibillion-dollar SKIMS shapewear business; however, the internet was not delighted about it. Kim Kardashian spoke about the success of her SKIMS shapewear business.

Her spokeswoman verified to the New York Post that a video team followed her as she arrived in Boston to speak to students enrolled in the Moving Beyond Direct to Consumer course at SKIMS. Jens Grede is a reality television star and the co-founder of SKIMS.

Even though it was reported that some attendees of the seminar gave Kardashian an “A” for her nearly two-hour speech about SKIMS, which was valued at $US3.2 billion ($4.6 billion) just a year ago, Twitter trolls slammed the lawyer in training — and Harvard itself — for inviting the “talentless” businesswoman in the first place. NBC10 Boston reported that some attendees of the seminar gave Kardashian an “A” for her nearly two-hour speech about SKIMS.

This is too funny for words. One critic tweeted about the star and her presence, which lasted approximately an hour and 45 minutes: “@KimKardashian can’t spell @Harvard.”

Someone another said that Kim Kardashian was endowed with money from birth. “Made an attempt to utilise a sex video to establish a career in acting or singing, but neither attempt was successful. Because Kim Kardashian and her family have no shame, they have amassed enough cash to support a scripted reality television programme. It’s gotten to the point where Harvard is just as trashy as the Kardashians.

One person remarked, “I’d hate to pay that Harvard tuition $$$$ to only have her as a speaker. ” Another individual commented, “The terms ‘Kardashian’ and ‘Harvard’ should never come in the same sentence. Ever.” Do Better, Harvard.”

Another user poked fun of the reality star’s social media persona by writing, “Lim k on speaking at harvard: ‘oh my god, you guys, like I am really going to talk at harvard, like oh my god, this is such a biggg dealll. (in that whining voice).”

Because Kardashian does not have a degree from an accredited institution of higher learning, many users were curious about the nature of the guidance she provided.

“Taught them about what exactly? Literally using the term after every single phrase,” one of them laughed.

And offers guidance on what exactly? How to Get Ahead by Riding on the Coattails of Famous Parents? Another person shared their opinion on the family members of Robert Kardashian and the ever-present “momager,” Kris Jenner.

Someone another offered the phrase “How to Sell Your Soul 101.”

Another person commented, referring to the notorious and widely mocked piece of advice that she gave to working women the previous year, “Get your ass up and work that 9-5.”

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However, a student by the name of Liz said with NBC10 Boston that she gained a lot of knowledge from Kardashian.

She told the publication that she believes there are a lot of individuals who do not appreciate her as someone who is co-running a business that is worth multiple billions of dollars.

“Just to learn from someone who has established such a great company was very exciting,” Liz said, “and I think having the privacy of having no cameras in the room, being able to have that frank talk was wonderful too.”

The representatives for Harvard and the academics have been approached by The Post in an effort to get comments. Despite the fact that she is making significant progress toward her goal of becoming a lawyer, Kardashian did not visit Harvard Law School. However, she did replicate Reese Witherspoon’s Legally Blonde Harvard admissions video for Halloween in 2019.

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