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Top 5 Trusted Sites to Buy Instagram Comments

Business owners and would-be influencers who understand the importance of a robust social media presence understand that they need widespread exposure on Instagram. It’s the platform that provides the best opportunity for attracting enormous numbers of followers and fans from virtually all important demographic and socio-economic groups.

It’s no longer a secret that a reliable way to win a huge Instagram audience is to buy engagements such as views, likes, and followers. These purchased engagements notify Instagram’s algorithm about the popularity of that account and that it deserves more exposure across the platform.

However, one secret that is still not known to most Instagram users is the value of buying Instagram comments. This has proved to be a very effective and affordable way of informing the system’s algorithms that some posts are compelling and engaging, and that they deserve a larger audience.

However, this type of engagement is unusual and requires a different infrastructure. Just a few Instagram providers have invested the money, time, and effort to be able to offer high-quality, real Instagram comments as a service to their clients. This article will highlight the 5 best sites to buy real Instagram comments at affordable prices.

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Comments


Buzzoid wasn’t the first to offer the sale of Instagram comments. Rather, they spent time developing a reliable system that makes their service the best out there.

Before Buzzoid unveiled their system, other websites sold purely generic comments or emojis without any text. However, Buzzoid understood that selling generic comments to customers won’t help; Instagram doesn’t approve of them.

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Comments
Top 5 Trusted Sites to Buy Instagram Comments 1

They then created a unique system that utilized artificial intelligence in analyzing posts, extracting context and information, and then crafting relevant comments. All these signals signal the increase in interaction that convinces the algorithms to increase the audience for the posts. This is why comments delivered by Buzzoid work very well to boost the visibility of Instagram users.

New Instagram users seeking to build influence can buy the small packages (5 or 10 comments) from Buzzoid, while influencers who want their content to go viral can purchase the larger packages (25 or 50 comments).

Whatever plan the client chooses, these well-written comments are posted by real Instagram users with real accounts. This ensures that the client’s account is not put at risk.

Buzzoid provides several other benefits. They offer quick delivery and a very secure process, so clients don’t have to wait for too long to get their orders processed and their private information is kept private. Also, they have a great support team, available 24/7 to attend to all the needs and queries of new and returning customers.

When it comes to comments, Buzzoid is a great choice because they offer only high-quality services.


It was clear that Instagram comments generated with artificial intelligence yielded great results – so Twicsy decided to do the same. They have developed an AI system that creates on-topic and well-written Instagram comments.

One great feature of Twicsy’s service is that real IG users with real accounts post these comments. Clients can purchase a minimum of 5 comments and a maximum of 50 comments. Also, the delivery of this service is quick and prices start at below $10. Another plus is that Twicsy’s service ensures that the client’s account is safe.

Top 5 Trusted Sites to Buy Instagram Comments 2

Also, Twicsy has a very reliable staff that offers support 24/7. Their website is secure and easy to use. Clients can easily make payments on the platform using their credit or debit cards. They also have plans to add PayPal as an option.

Furthermore, clients are allowed to confirm the comments delivered before making payment and have them regenerated if necessary. One secret weapon to ensure Instagram growth is buying custom comments, and Twicsy’s system stands out as one of the strongest out there.


Not long after Buzzoid and Twicsy started using AI to create on-topic Instagram comments, Rushmax decided to join the party. They created a system that analyzes content and then generates well-written comments that notify the Instagram algorithm about an increase in post engagement.

Rushmax hasn’t quite perfected their system yet. The comments they deliver don’t perform as well as those from Twicsy and Buzzoid, so the effects of the added engagements aren’t quite as effective. However, Rushmax is a reliable Instagram provider with a proven track record, and every week there is improvement in the performance of the comments they deliver. Aside from Twicsy and Buzzoid, no other site does the job better.

For all Instagram services, Rushmax can be trusted, as shown by the more than 100,000 businesses and influencers who depend on their services. Rushmax delivers its IG comments promptly and ensures guaranteed satisfaction for the client. They also have an experienced support team that attends to the needs of all clients.


InstaPort is another reliable platform offering high-quality Instagram comments. The comments delivered are 100% real interactions posted by users with real IG accounts, keeping the client’s account safe.

With these comments, clients can increase their social media presence as well as boost their brand awareness and credibility. Just like Twicsy, Buzzoid, and Rushmax, InstaPort has developed a unique model for delivering real comments crafted by an AI system that are germane to the post and notify the Instagram algorithm about the page’s increasing popularity. This leads to more comments and even more followers.

InstaPort is still new in the business of selling Instagram comments, but they strive to ensure client satisfaction. Clients can place orders quickly and effortlessly, and once the order is placed, InstaPort takes charge of everything else and the comments are posted almost immediately. All InstaPort needs is the customer’s username; they will never request a client’s password or other sensitive information. This ensures safety.

Furthermore, InstaPort has a great support team, which is always available to answer questions and cater to the needs of their clients. They process orders promptly, ensuring clients don’t have to wait to see results.

Followers R Us

The growing pains are more serious for some providers than others. Followers R Us is another supplier that’s expanded into the Instagram comments market, but their usually outstanding service for likes, followers, and views isn’t quite as visible in their comment service.

They still qualify for this list because their comments are all posted by real Instagram users from their own real accounts, making them safe and valuable when the algorithms are allocating increased exposure. However, Followers R Us doesn’t have an AI system writing the comments so their quality can vary considerably, and delivery generally takes hours since it takes that long for them to be written. If the queue is long, delivery can take even longer than that.

On the bright side, the provider’s usual high-quality customer experience and support are still applicable to their comments service, and combined with their care in posting from real accounts, the comments they deliver still boost engagement and audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive to buy Instagram comments?

Not really, if you think about it. Writing relevant, interesting comments is a time-consuming process; it might take you ten or fifteen minutes to craft a compelling comment that would generate discussion and engagement. If you wanted to compose ten comments, it could take you several hours – and that doesn’t even include the time spent finding friends or colleagues who would post the comments from their IG accounts to keep your own account safe.

Spending about ten bucks to have a service do it better than you probably could saves you enormous amounts of time and is well worth the investment. Buying comments is indeed more expensive than buying followers or likes, but for the amount of work involved, it’s a bargain.

Is buying Instagram comments safe?

Buying Instagram comments is completely safe, as long as they’re purchased from reputable providers who have the comments posted from different real IG accounts. Buying from these services ensures that the increased interaction will tell the Instagram algorithms that the customer’s posts have become more popular and engaging, convincing them to reward the poster with a bigger audience.

Is buying personalized Instagram comments possible?

Some reputable services allow (or require, to be honest) customers to write their own IG comments and will then post them using different Instagram accounts. That’s more time-intensive for clients, but if it’s what they feel will help them boost engagement on their posts, it’s doable.

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