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All 15 Na’vi Clans are described in Avatar (Cultures, positions& Innovation)

While the first Avatar film concentrated on the Omaticaya, subsequent franchise material focuses on other Navi clans.

Creator is James Cameron’s expansive world of Avatar, here are all 15 Na’vi clans from the franchise explain their culture. The Na’vi, whose name translates as “the people” in the all 15 Na’vi clans’ languages, is a cyan-skinned, humanoid species that live on the moon of the gas giant Polyp emus, Pandora. According to James Cameron (via SFGATE), the inspiration for the Na’vi look came from a dream his mother had about a “12-foot-tall blue woman.” He then incorporated an alien race inspired by the dream into a screenplay he wrote in the mid-1970s, and he kept the inspiration for over 30 years before finally making Avatar.

Avatar revolutionized 3D film technology upon its release and is still the highest-grossing global box office earner, grossing $2.84 billion. With a pipeline of Avatar sequels that could even outperform Star Wars in terms of execution and box-office performance. The Avatar franchise has a bright future, even a healthy collection of Avatar books, games, merchandise, and theme park rides.

With its strong environmental themes, Avatar joined the ranks of WALL-E, An Inconvenient Truth, and Happy Feet as a film of its time. To illustrate these themes, all Na’vi clan places a high value on the complex energy network that connects all life on Pandora. In contrast to the more industrial, capitalistic values Pandora’s visitors hold. They pray to Eywa, a goddess they have a physical connection with via the sacred Tree of Souls. All 15 Na’vi clans interact with animals and plants using nerve fibers protected within long braids known as “queues,” or “twins” in Na’vi. To enact a process known as “tsaheylu” via their ponytails, as explained in Avatar 2.

Orange clan

15 Na'vi Clans are described in Avatar

Although not explicitly mentioned by name, the Olangi clan, like the horse clans that live on the plain, is present in Avatar. The dire horse is critical to their nomadic lifestyle. The Olangi have different resources than the Omaticaya, who live in the jungle and move by game patterns. Avatars are helpful in ground combat in the final battle, fighting alongside Norm Spellman (Joel David Moore) in avatar form. Because Avatar 2 will focus on Pandora’s oceans the Olangi are unlikely will develop further in the sequel.

Tayrangi Clan

All 15 Na'vi Clans are described in Avatar

The Tayrangi clan, like the Olangi, is not explicitly mentioned by name in Avatar. They live on the East Sea cliffs and enjoy ikran travel, while the Olangi relies on draught horses. The Tayrangi will most likely be developed further because the Olangi may receive less screen time in avatar 2. During Avatar’s final battle, the Tayrangi were useful in dog fighting. The Tayrangi clan is similar to the Kekunan clan of the north regarding ikran-horsemanship. The Tayrangi are also known for their swimming abilities and eclectic and independent nature.

Tawkami Clan

15 Na'vi Clans are described in Avatar

While Avatar introduced some other Na’vi clans, Avatar video games brought many more Pandora clans to life. While Avatar does not depict life on Earth, renamed Terran, the Na’vi resemble humans in many ways. The Tawkami expresses another human cultural trait that appears to be unrecognized by other clans. The Tawkami, also known as the Sky Seer clan, place a high value on knowledge, record keeping, chemistry, and research. They create a writing system for the Na’vi language, which has yet to be seen in a film. They, like the Omaticaya, live in the jungle. A Green home is the name of his village.

Tipani Clan

Tipani Clan

The Tipani clan was the first Na’vi to come into contact with humans, as further explored in James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game. They are strong and skilled warriors known for their bravery and tact in battle. The clan, divided into villages, is the only one known. In battle, the Avatar clan will wear royal armor.

Metkayina Clan

15 Na'vi Clans are described in Avatar

The Metkayina is an oceanic clan that will prominently feature in Avatar 2 as the clan of the potential villain. The clan passes through the “Pandora – The World of Avatar” Region of Disney World’s “Pandora – The World of Avatar” ride. Metkayina’s connection to Pandora’s oceans distinguishes them from the coastal Na’vi clans in the yet-to-be-developed Avatar. It is the primary mode of transportation in Metkayina, just as draught horses are to the Olangi, the sea creature illu.

Clans That Aren’t Well-Known

Anurai Clan: The Anurai is an artisanal clan that specializes in the use of bones. They appear in James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game and Cirque du Soleil’s Toruk – The First Flight.

The Lion Clan appears in James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game. The clan lives in deplorable, arid conditions close to human factories.

Hulanta Clan – The Hulanta are a Wetlands clan in the Avatar: Reckoning mobile game.

Huyuticaya Clan: According to Avatar’s Activist Survival Guide, the Huyuticaya have a “tremendous love and respect for viper wolves,” reflected on their streamer or clan’s flag.

Ni’awve Clan – If this intriguing Na’vi Avatar theory is correct, the Ni’awve may not have come from Pandora. The Ni’awve is the first Na’vi clans to appear in the Avatar mobile game.

The Kekunan Clan is from Toruk – The First Flight and is famous for being excellent aerial hunters and ikran riders.

Mangkwan Clan – The Mangkwan are briefly mentioned as an ally clan to the Omaticaya in the Avatar: The Last Shadow comics.

Rey’tanu Clan – The Rey’tanu features in Avatar’s mobile game Reckoning.

Tomac’ta Clan – The Tomac’ta are famous for their “tremendous love and respect for banshees,” according to Avatar’s Pandorapedia.

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