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After dementia diagnosis, Bruce Willis celebrates his first birthday with Demi Moore, Emma Heming, and five children

The ‘Die Hard’ star was identified with frontotemporal dementia early this year.

Since the announcement of Bruce Willis’ dementia diagnosis, his family has prioritized his health and safety.

On Sunday, they celebrated the 68th birthday of the actor.

Ex-wife Demi Moore posted a video of the group, which included his five daughters serenading him with a song and presenting him with a pie, on her Instagram account.

“Happy birthday, BW!” she wrote in her note. “We are so happy to honor you today. We adore you and our family. Thank you to all for the affection and heartfelt intentions; we all feel them.”

Bruce Willis celebrated his 68th birthday surrounded by his family. (Demi Moore Instagram)

Last March, it was disclosed that due to a diagnosis of aphasia, Willis would be retiring from acting. His family disclosed in February that he had developed frontotemporal dementia.

In Moore’s video, Willis appeared ebullient and animated as he prepared to snuff out the candles on his apple pie while wearing a gray scarf.

Tallulah posted a series of photographs from the event in which she wore a T-shirt bearing her father’s name and image.

In a separate post, the 29-year-old celebrated her father’s birthday by writing, “Happy birthday to my number one, Bruno!! Feeling overwhelmed by all the positive energies and affection headed Willis’ way! I adore him and he adores me – what a joy!”

Scout also posted a heartfelt tribute to her father on Instagram, writing, “It’s his birthday, so please send him your love, tenderness, care, and prayers for a moment! Happy birthday to one of my closest friends, the monarch of Pisces, the maestro of duality, who is both an action hero icon and a delicate female parent. What a privilege it is to have this man as my father and to have learned so much from him about life, pleasure, mischief, and art.”

“Today is not necessarily an easy day because it is a day filled with such profound love, and our sorrow reveals the intensity of our affection for someone. Today I’m attempting to be with both parties. “Grief is the price I will always pay to know what it is like to experience such love,” she continued.

“I am extending my affection to everyone who has ever felt their capacity extended by the magnitude of love and the humanity of loss. “I love you,” she declared in conclusion.

Emma reflected earlier in the day on the sorrow she, too, was experiencing on the celebratory day.

“Sometimes in life, we must put on our big girl underwear and get to work, and that’s what I’m doing,” she said. “But I do experience sorrow and mourning every day… “Today, on his birthday, I’m really feeling it.”

Emma Heming Willis, the wife of Bruce Willis, shared a photo of him with the women in his life. (Emma Heming Willis Instagram)

Later, despite the magnitude of the day, Emma posted a photo of the “Die Hard” actor with his posse of women to her Instagram story with the caption, “It was a good day.”

Willis was honored by his younger daughters Evelyn and Mabel, as well as the spouses of two of his older daughters.

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