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Advantages of having passports

As a U.S passport holder, you can travel the whole world. According to the Henley visa index conducted in 2017, the U.S passport is on the third number which represents its third in being an independent traveler throughout the world. This ensures that the people of the U.S can travel anywhere in the world and they can visit 174 countries without the need of a visa. You can buy a real US passport online as well.

People who have a second passport can live and work abroad without creating issues with bureaucratic red tape. Some states of the world give people second passports and help them have great flying adventures.

Economic Citizenship

Some people sometimes have spare money which they can invest in a foreign country or economic citizenship might be waiting for you. When talking about European countries, you get the more desirable passports which might be sometimes expensive. Several other states that make people avail of this offer of 2017 may include Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Cyprus, and Malta. You can buy a passport online if you’re looking for easy solutions.

Family history

Sometimes the people, who loved the company of their grandparents, may get cut off from them. You might be unable to meet your grandparents again and unable to live in such places again. Multiple Irish passports are being circulated and the reason is that every person whose one grandparent born in Ireland is eligible to have an Irish passport. If you think that your family history isn’t good enough then you can buy a real passport online.

You can get passports or you can qualify for passports of several states by your family history as Israel offers citizenship and birthrights to the descendants of Jews and Spain give birthrights and citizenship to those Jews who have lived once in their lifetime. And apart from all these conditions, you may fall in love with someone and you are willing to start a new life in a foreign country. Almost every state offers some expedited procedures to the people to apply for citizenship if you marry someone in that country.


However; sometimes you are lucky for having their grandparents or one of their grandparents born in a country. Such as Poland, and sometimes you are unlucky for not having such grandparents. It means you are not eligible to get the second passport. So; if all the situations are not under your control and you do not find the means to have a second option. Still, there is one door open for you. Some states require you to live for a minimum of three years to get citizenship there. Thus; Paraguay and Uruguay are included in the list of those countries. While other countries such as Panama, Canada, and Brazil are those countries that have a short period of completing this procedure of getting citizenship.

The time period of getting citizenship may vary depending upon some conditions. Such as it may be shortened when you are interested to start a business abroad. This will require you to spend most of your time in the new country.

You will have to face red tape and bureaucracy to get the citizenship of countries over the sea. However, getting the freedom to visit many countries and getting second passports can open many doors for you.


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