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3 Great Safe Places to Store Your Valuables

Everyone has those special, valuable items. Whether it’s an old photo album, a nice piece of jewelry, or a fancy vintage car, you want to be sure nothing happens to those special pieces in your life. However, for some of these items, you don’t use them or need them daily. Therefore, you want to be able to store in safe places.

When you invest in something nice for yourself, it isn’t a purchase you should take lightly. From engagement rings and gemstones to large paintings or white gold decor to vintage cars or nice furniture, you probably spent a lot of time deciding what item you wanted to buy. So if you put that much thought into the purchase, you need to put equal effort into protecting it. Theft, accidents, or natural disasters occur more often than you might think. It’s an important thing to make sure your amenities are safe places from these unexpected moments. Here are a few places where you can store your valuables to keep them safe.

1. Keep some items with you at all times.

Not all valuables are designed to be stored or kept away. After all, beautiful things are meant to be enjoyed. So for some items, it’s actually best to keep them on your person or with you at all times. Beyond fancy jewelry or the keys to your house or car, there are also practical valuables to keep on your person. Your wallet should always be filled with a credit card, driver’s license or ID, insurance cards, and more. Keep track of your important paperwork and keep these items with you always or in an easily accessible safe.


For the fancy items you want to enjoy, it’s okay to show them off a bit. For example, an engagement ring or wedding band is usually a valuable item you don’t want to reserve. Show off your non-traditional ring with nice gemstones, rose gold finish, or emerald accents. After all, your fiancé spent a lot of money to get you the perfect ring or nice jewelry; you want to show it off and enjoy those classic accessories.

2. Smaller items may be safe at home.

When it comes to your valuable items, you can’t keep them all on your person at all times. For smaller items, you can probably secure a small safe places at your home. This can be a great location for items of sentimental value. Old letters or photos from your family, small trinkets, or sterling silver pieces can fit perfectly in a small fire-resistant safe with a combination or key that you keep on your person.

The beauty of storing valuables in your home is that they are easily accessible. Say you are keeping a fancy bottle of wine stored away for a fun date night or romantic date night on Valentine’s Day. You can keep it in a secluded spot or wine safe and pull it out for at-home date ideas. A wine tasting, paint night, or just a cuddle party can be made better with special items stored at home.

3. Keep large valuables that you don’t use every day in secure storage.

Collectors may have large valuables that need to be stored in a different location. You also may live in a smaller space that doesn’t have the capacity for extra items. A great way to keep these protected is at a storage facility. If you’re looking for a storage unit in your area, you can find it on With facilities all over the country, you should be able to find a self-storage facility that works for your needs.

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