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What Do Lion Rings Mean? Find Out the Answer!

What Do Lion Rings Mean? Find Out the Answer!

Lion images are one of the most popular motifs in jewelry since time immemorial. Until recently, they were mainly engraved on the surface of lion rings or their silhouettes cast in metal emerged from the setting. However, the latest trends in jewelry fashion made three-dimensional figures and faces of lions or lionesses crazily popular.

Lion Rings From Ancient Times to the New Millennium

The very first jewelry in one way or another were associated with animals. Hunters and warriors of primitive tribes used bones and fangs of the lions and other predators they defeated to show off their manliness and valor. The more fangs were in their necklace, the more reverence they gained among fellow tribesmen.

As civilization developed, men moved from using animal parts to depicting their images symbolically both in art and jewelry. Such jewelry was not only beautiful but also filled with a certain meaning. People believed in various symbols and signs, and by incorporating them in rings or necklaces, they tried to show their belonging to something or to receive protection from death and misfortune. Lion rings is the sign of power.

Rulers, prominent military leaders, and important people in the country often chose a lion as their patron. Being a symbol of domination and leadership, he was supposed to endow his master with such qualities as courage, valor, and nobility. You can often see lion images on family crests and countries’ coats of arms. Later, a lion made its way onto signets and from them, onto family heirloom, and costume jewelry.

What do Feline Rings Mean

A lion is a symbol of courage, speed, stamina, strength, and grandeur. A lion rings portraying the king of the jungle will suit men with prominent masculinity. A man wearing a lion symbol on his hand as if declares his supreme status and confidence in his strengths and capabilities. Such a ring goes well with hefty, physically strong, and well-off men. Women can opt for lioness rings that symbolize royal grace, elegance, and beguiling attractiveness.

Lions depicted in a jump, with a bared mouth, or with their paw in a swing, symbolize aggression. A person wearing an ‘aggressive’ lion ring is determined to achieve his goals. If a lion is calm, such jewelry speaks of wisdom and tranquility. A person with a calm lion on his hand thinks through his decisions and stands his ground in disputes. A sleeping lion protects his master; he is in the state of peace but at the same time, he is observant and is ready to attack.

Features of Rings

Lion Rings featuring images of other felines, tigers, leopards, cougars, etc. have a more vague meaning. Everything depends on how a big cat is depicted – aggressively, calmly, playfully, sleepy, etc. As a rule, female cat rings are more rounded. They tend to carry a figure of an animal playing or curling. Men’s rings, on the other hand, often feature tiger or leopard heads, roaring or grinning. They as if represent the internal threat that their owner projects on others.

A cat, unlike a lion or tiger, is a feminine symbol. Cats stand for cunning, clairvoyance, sensual beauty, and the ability to transform. Signet lion rings are made from solid silver. Also, they are an embodiment of independence, grace, beauty, as well as mystical charm. Many women identify themselves with this magnificent beast, so it comes as no surprise that they want to showcase it with a cat ring. A woman wearing cat jewelry, as it were, tells others that her behavior can be as unpredictable and independent as that of this animal.

How to Wear Lion Rings

You should also know what meaning a lion rings obtain when you put it on a certain finger. When it is on the little finger, it reveals a person’s abilities to communicate and negotiate. It also enhances a person’s creativity.


A ring on the middle finger will lend harmony and peace. Don is on the index finger when you lack independence or look for a way to increase self-esteem. A ring sitting on the thumb boosts intelligence, brightness, and clearness of thinking.


The Lion Rings resting on the ring finger fully fulfills a person’s potential. It will suit men wishing to gain as much strength and prosperity as possible because the ring finger is responsible for success.


A lion is a two-fold symbol. On the one hand, it is a protector. On the other hand, it represents power and success. When flaunting a lion ring on the right hand, leadership abilities and the desire for victory become more prominent. At the same time, a lion ring worn on the left hand will provide protection and self-confidence. This is because the right hand is a conductor of male energy and the left hand – of the female.

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