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What is the Difference Between Specification Sheet and Tech Pack

What is the Difference Between Specification Sheet and Tech Pack

If you are just new to the clothing manufacturing industry, it is no wonder that you get confused with different terminologies being thrown out there. For example, when you are visiting a clothing manufacturer to have your clothing design produced. They will right away ask you for a tech pack or a spec sheet of your clothing product. There are no layman’s terms for these which may end up intimidating startup clothing line owners.

In this article, let us try to define the terms tech pack and spec sheet including having a closer look at the functions of the associated files. The objective is to educate beginners out there for becoming knowledgeable. About technical terms and jargon being used in the industry which they are interested in. Let learn more about the difference between tech packs and specs sheets.

What is a Tech Pack and a Spec Sheet?

The big giveaway first: A tech pack and spec sheet are basically the same things and there is not much of a difference at all. It’s just that professionals in and around the industry have their own preferences of using such terms. This is the same reason why newcomers tend to get confused with both terms. when the person they were talking to was simply referring to the same file. Now let us define what a tech pack or spec sheet is and why they are very important terms you need to get acquainted with in the world of manufacturing.

The tech pack–also known as spec sheet or specification sheet–is a set of pre-production files prerequisites to any type of manufacturing. It contains all the details and specifications of a particular product. In the clothing industry, a regular or spec sheet contains product information, sketches in multiple perspectives, colorway specs, graded specs. Bill of materials, and all other preferences needed to create the product. You can ask a professional tech pack design company if you need help creating one for your clothing line.

This is the most integral file in all of the production. The product development stage uses the or spec sheet as its basis for progress. As soon as the is ready, then it is time you can move on to the production line for initial sampling.

Specification Sheet = Tech Pack

Other types of manufacturing such as plastics and electronics also use some kind of tech packs. And spec sheets as the manufacturer’s basis for production (but those have different names). It only depends on the factories, suppliers, and the country they are in whether they use the term spec sheet to describe. A tech pack or use the term to describe a spec sheet. Both terms pertain to the same thing.

Private label clothing manufacturers tend to use both the terms tech pack and spec sheet. While they both sound like different files, again, they are actually the same. Further The more often you get to spend dealing with manufacturers, suppliers, and even clothing industry colleagues. You will then have a better grasp of all the jargon, terminologies, and lingos thrown out within the industry. It is a must for you to learn all these technicalities to keep up in the game. And stay competitive in a fast-paced clothing manufacturing industry.


The tech pack/spec sheet creation is definitely the most crucial process during the product development stage in all of manufacturing. It is an integral process critical to the outcome of the project. since it is basically the blueprint of the entire project. The tech pack/spec sheet represents all the brainstorming ideas, suggestions. And comments of all the parties involved in the product development stage. The factories and manufacturers will only read tech packs as it is and they will not provide. Any input in case the product turns out to be dysfunctional since they are only following what the tell them to do so.

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