Dogs Help Detect Bed Bugs
Dogs Help Detect Bed Bugs

Dogs Help Detect Bed Bugs

Dogs Help Dogs over time have proven to be amongst the six most effective ways to combat bedbugs, not just in Indianapolis alone but in the entire United States.

According to a research conducted by a list of institutes, bedbugs come from very unclean environments that eventually make their way into homes, offices, hospitals, nursing homes, churches, business places and other places inhabited by humans.

Chad Bailey, a K-9 sergeant who once worked with the Newburgh Police department in southern Indiana for many years said that most people think bedbugs come from a dirty environment, but the fact remains that it’s the average human that subconsciously introduce these bedbugs into the atmosphere.


Chad also said that due to the smallish nature of these bugs, it’s extremely difficult to locate and kill them.

Bailey added that while these pests can often pose a challenge for humans.

He also said that with canines. it only takes a matter of seconds to sniff out these bugs from their hiding places.

But he suggests that the canines must undergo initial training in other to easily spot the bugs in their hiding places.

Bailey further said that a lot of people often wonder why you would use a dog instead of a pest control company, but went on to say that the University of Florida did a study on it and they put trained pest control personnel up against trained canines, while humans were rated 30 percent effective in eradicating bedbugs, canines were rated 98 percent accurate in detecting bed bugs, which means the canines were three times better.

Dogs Help Business partner James Smith also gives a good reason why dogs are better at finding bedbugs; according to him, 50 percent of the time after a pest control treatment. Bedbugs are found again, but it is dogs that give a total removal of bedbugs.

Dog Training in Miami.

Dogs Help While it would take an exterminator a good number of hours to spot. And eradicate these bugs, dogs can detect and eradicate them. A couple of minutes walking into a room, all thanks to their impressive sense of smell.

The ones chosen must display biological traits that will improve their sense of smell over time.

And tighter locations and they are also less intimidating to residents who have a strong dislike towards dogs.

The eligible age for dogs to commence hunt is between eight and twelve months. But some might resume training at a much later age.

An average of eight hundred to one thousand hours of training. Dogs Help is required before the dogs are certified fit for hunt.


And inspect areas with traces of these pests. Some common areas where they are mostly found include movie theaters, hotel rooms, schools, apartment complexes, college dormitories, and offices.

While pest control companies and dogs can aid in controlling the infestation caused by bugs. People should endeavor to clean beddings, curtains. And also scrub their mattress with brushes to remove bedbugs and their eggs frequently.

It is important to assure that your home is clear of all types of pests and rodents if you want to sell your home fast in Miami.


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