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What are the benefits of studying at a medical school in Caribbean islands?

A career in medicine is one of the most prevalent career paths for college graduates in the US and Canada. With the recent pandemic, the pivotal role of doctors and healthcare workers has become even more relevant.

Naturally, the number of medical schools applications has sky-rocketed over the years. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) recently released data that suggested that the number of medical college applications rose by 18% by 2020 in the US.

The increasing demand for medical college seats has made it difficult to secure admission in a good medical school in the US and Canada. Therefore, medical aspirants have to look elsewhere for worthwhile options.

Amid all this, medical schools in the Caribbean Islands have emerged as viable solutions to this problem. Many of these schools have less stringent entry criteria that encourage eligible students to apply without diluting their academic standards.

Read ahead to get a detailed insight into some of the top advantages of pursuing your medical education from a Caribbean medical college.

You can be eligible for practicing medicine in the US

Many medical colleges in the Caribbean offer similar medical curriculums as reputed medical universities in the US. Therefore, pursuing your MD degree from a Caribbean medical college can make you eligible for practicing medicine in the US easily.

Many of the colleges in the Caribbean can also boast of high USMLE pass rates. This demonstrates the high medical standards that make the students capable of securing good results in the US medical licensing examinations.

Most Caribbean medical colleges are well-recognized and accredited

A common concern regarding Caribbean medical colleges is that a degree from there wouldn’t have international recognition. On the contrary, reputed Caribbean medical colleges receive accreditations and recognition from many international and state medical boards in the US.

These accreditations and recognition are proof of the fact that the medical college in question provides high standards of medical training and education to its students.

You can get exposed to a diverse group of students

As a doctor, interacting with different patients and colleagues from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities is a part and parcel of your life. Therefore, you must be allowed to focus on developing your interpersonal and networking skills during medical school.

Well-accredited medical colleges in the Caribbean often attract students from different countries and backgrounds which adds to the multi-cultural vibes of their campuses. Thus, getting your medical education from such a college can allow you to get sensitized to different cultures and expand your mindset.

Apart from these benefits, choosing a reputed medical college in the Caribbean allows you to experience the natural beauty of the region first-hand. Most Caribbean islands like the Grand Cayman also boast of excellent infrastructure and civilization comforts found in developed countries like the US.

Invest in a good medical school program in the Caribbean today to take your medical career off the ground.

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