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Simple ways to promote your YouTube videos and increase the number of views.

Owners of their own YouTube channel don’t always know how to make it popular. Are you interested in making your videos trending? This article is to help!

Let’s consider in detail several methods that ensure an increase in the number of views on YouTube. Separately, let’s focus on the important nuances and details that attract millions of views.

What is the relationship between the number of views and the channel itself?

YouTube platform works according to the algorithm, where the promotion of the channel is directly influenced by the views of the videos.

Each video has a certain duration. Users exactly how much time they spend on the channel while watching content.

In order for a video to end up at a certain position on the list, the hosting company conducts an analysis based on two indicators:

  1. The number of users who watched the video.
  2. The total duration of viewing.

If both indicators are high, it is a guarantee that the video will be at the top of the best. Therefore, channel owners need to make efforts to increase views. How to do this?

First, you need to systematically post relevant and high-quality content. However, after some time, the development of the channel will stop due to the decrease in the popularity of the video.

Effective techniques help to raise the videos to the first positions and pump up your YouTube channel.

You can also buy YouTube views with special services to give a boost to the popularity of your video on YouTube. This practice is sometimes used by famous bloggers and popular artists.

Emphasis on the right content

It is quality content that is the key to a blogger’s success. You need to do everything you can to make your videos better than your competitors.

This is a fundamental point. Many people use not fair and not beautiful ways to promote videos on YouTube, but we emphasize quality content.

Users should want to watch your videos all the time, so they should be useful and interesting. If you neglect the quality of your content, you won’t succeed in promoting your channel.

Like Google, YouTube is a search engine. What is it for? Hosting shows its users only quality and relevant content. Google advises making the site valuable to visitors. The same principle applies to YouTube.

It is important to understand what interests potential visitors to the channel and try to give them complete information.

Forming playlists, arranging videos

Many people know about this simple technique, but not everyone uses it. Initially, you should create thematic playlists. They should view a single storyline content.

Accommodation videos should begin from the standard to the most popular. That is, visitors will be able to watch the lineup of videos in order. This will keep their interest and encourage them to watch further.

The advantages of this method are as follows:

– Not only the most interesting videos will be viewed, but also simple publications;

– Users will become familiar with the playlist and the videos posted in it. You’ll be able to keep your audience on the channel length, which will raise your rating.

When applying this technique, keep in mind:

– If the video continues previous works, the author does not need to make a splash page and introduction. You can immediately work on new material for publication;

– At the end of the video, it is recommended to leave links to subsequent videos and previous content with a single storyline.

How to increase the number of views of the channel with the headline and preview

How does a video attract the attention of an unfamiliar visitor? The first thing the user is introduced to is the title and preview.

When dealing with these two elements, you need to adhere to certain rules:

  1. special attention is paid to the main picture. It should stimulate the visitor’s interest in viewing, as well as reflect the essence of the subject of the video. The picture must be consistent with the content, otherwise in the case of cheating the viewer will leave the channel.
  2. Combination of the title and preview by meaning. There should be a clear link between the image and the title. The intriguing title keeps the user, pointing to the main theme of the video. The picture should complement the title and reflect the essence of the video. Together they encourage the user to watch the video.
  3. you need to check how the title and preview look on smartphones, computers, and tablets. Sometimes on the phone, the title looks too big, and the preview looks unclear and stretched out. On a tablet, it will look fine. You need to find the “golden mean”.
  4. After evaluating the results, you need to adjust your actions. With the help of YouTube Analytics, the author can check how effective the headline and previews are.

If users will watch the videos only because of a well-crafted presentation, it will help the channel to advance and gain new subscribers.

Work with other authors

Avoid conflicts with other bloggers because of your overlapping audiences. You can come up with a collaborative option that benefits you and the other blogger. When creating content on YouTube, you need to keep in mind the main goal – to create a valuable publication for the user and expand the circle of potential users. Having a competitor does not diminish the possibility of achieving your goals at all.

How to increase the number of views using a partnership with another author, if you have the same audience? The problem is solved simply: create content together. For example, you can leave a comment under a competitor’s video as a guest, drawing users’ attention to your brand. In turn, the other writer can provide additional traffic after promoting your joint video. YouTube users will also benefit and end up with interesting content.

The role of the last minutes of the video and splash pages

By the end of the video, it is recommended to leave links to previous works. Users should be reminded to watch previous videos.

At the end of the video, a 10-second audio track is left and a final splash page is made. The picture contains links to other videos of similar subject matter and youtube channels if any.

Otherwise, the user will close the video and exit the channel. The final screensaver and links are triggers, i.e. they encourage the user to watch other videos on the same channel.

This is an effective way to increase the time the user stays on the channel; accordingly, the channel’s popularity grows.

Generation of headlines for “keys”

Particular emphasis is placed on thematic queries with long tails. They should have one basis from which different branches will diverge. The task of the author is to adjust to this basis, to come up with a unique continuation.

Before you shoot a video on a particular topic is recommended to enter into the search box name and analyze the list of queries that appeared. And based on the analysis, you should generate an intriguing title for your work.

Similar work is carried out in relation to the names of the films.

Coordinate the work of all methods

In an effort to increase the number of views on YouTube, we recommend using this method.

Separately, each of the previously considered methods is effective in promoting the channel. However, with the competent application of all techniques simultaneously, each video will increase the audience and the number of views.

This article gives a complete overview of the ways to increase the number of views on YouTube. We tried to cover the topic in detail and described 5 main methods of working on YouTube channels to promote videos. If you follow the instructions, you will be able to bring your video to the first position.

Abubakar is a writer and digital marketing expert. Who has founded multiple blogs and successful businesses in the fields of digital marketing, software development. A full-service digital media agency that partners with clients to boost their business outcomes.

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