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Was Tell Me Your Secrets been season 2 is canceled?

There was an announcement on June 18, 2018, that the series has been retitled Tell Me Your Secrets. It again announces the series will not air on TNT and scrapped. However, at the end of October 2020, Amazon Prime Video announces about acquiring the series and will set it to air in 2021. It was all about season 1. Now the question is rising bout is Tell Me Your Secrets season 2 is canceled? The series has not yet resumed publicly at this time, Netflix is ready to start ordering Tell Me Your Secrets season 2. Make sure that the founders and authors of the show have left the door open for an upcoming second season.

Series Name Tell Me Your Secrets
Genre thriller drama
Season 1 Release date February 19, 2021
Created  and Written Harriet Warner
Episodes 10
Starring Hamish Linklater, Enrique Murciano, Lily Rabe, Amy Brenneman

Tell me your secrets season 2

Tell Me Your Secrets is an American thriller television series. The series was written and created by Harriet Warner and directed by John Polson. The series follows a trio of characters, each has a mysterious and troubling past, Emma as Karen Miller is a woman who once faced a dangerous killer, the second character is Mary she is a grieving mother who possesses with finding her missing daughter. And the third character is John a former serial predator desperate to find retrieval.

tell me your secrets

How many seasons are there in Tell Me Your Secrets?

Right now there is only 1 season that is premiering on Amazon Prime Video on February 19, 2021. it was set to premiere on TNT before. Tell Me Your Secrets season 2 is the most anticipating continuation of the activity show series.

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Will there be a season 2 for Tell Me Your Secrets?

Tell Me Your Secrets is not yet renewed.  Late January in 2022, Amazon has nothing about the second series renew the twisty thriller with cast Lily Rabe, Amy Brenneman, and Hamish Linklater.

Is Tell Me Your Secrets based on a true story?

Tell Me Your Secrets doesn’t tell one story. It isn’t based on one certain true story, but creator Warner explains that Emma’s storyline which came to her first is rooted in reality.

How many episodes are there of Tell Me Your Secrets?

There are ten-episode are available on Amazon Prime of season one. Every episode consists of between 45 to 50 minutes. Parents must be aware that Tell Me Your Secrets is a creepy mystery thriller, which focuses on a mother whose name is Mary, who has an obsession with finding her long-missing daughter she was lastly near a serial killer.

Cast and characters of the series

There are some main characters of the series tell me your secret

  • Chiara Aurelia as Rose Lord
  • Ashley Madekwe as Lisa Guillory
  • Elliot Fletcher as Jake Barlow
  • Xavier Samuel as Kit Parker
  • Bryant Tardy as Jay Abellard
  • Stella Baker as Theresa Barlow

Other Cast of the series

  • Hamish Linklater as John Tyler
  • Enrique Murciano as Peter Guillory
  • Amy Brenneman as Mary Barlow
  • Lily Rabe as Emma Hall

Where is Tell Me Your Secrets filmed?

American thriller drama series Tell Me Your Secrets is filmed primarily in 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The whole series takes place in and around the town. New Orleans is based next to the Mississippi River, is a beautiful place that is popular for shooting locations.

Who is Emma in the series?

Season 1 introduces us to Emma Hall is the protagonist who plays Lily Rabe. A young woman is recently released from jail and placed in Witness Protection after being imprisoned to cover for her boyfriend, a charming serial killer Kit (Xavier Samuel).

Tell Me Your Secrets portrays three different characters with a connection to a serial killer; somehow, the plot connects their lives intersect in terrifying ways.

Who is the killer in the series Tell me your secret?

Rose is the killer of Jess because she wants to protect her father from the outcome of his deeds. Due to his unethical spin into religion-induced mania, Rose’s father experimented on the children’s fertility. She wants to save his father from Jess.

Brenneman as Mary Barlow is a mother grieving the missing of her daughter, she believes that Kit kidnapper and murderer of her daughter, but Mary believes is still alive. Mary is convinced that her daughter is still alive so, she hires John Tyler (Linklater), a serial predator who struggles repress to his criminal desires to investigate. “The Dead Come Back,” The Season 1 finale, puts Emma at clashing with nearly every key player in the series. An explosive revelation from the Season 1 finale reveals Emma remembers that she knows Theresa because she dated Kit. Emma also recalls attacking Theresa in jealousy. The other revelation involves Theresa, who is very alive. Mary refuses to believe her daughter’s death and publicly blames Emma.

season 1 finale

This is an amazing thriller drama, fans want to see it again and again. There is not been any declaration about the series Tell Me Your Secrets season 2 being canceled or regarding its renewal. Let’s see when its second series will air wait and watch!

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