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Angelica Ross of American Horror Story claims that Emma Roberts apologized for an alleged transphobic remark she made

Ross expressed gratitude to Roberts for acknowledging that her actions did not align with those of a supportive individual, a day subsequent to her accusation against her former co-star from the production of ‘1984’ over a transphobic remark made on the set.

Following allegations made by a 42-year-old individual, who previously appeared in the television series Pose, against a 32-year-old former costar, accusing them of making a transphobic remark during the production of the FX series, it has been reported that the accused individual, Roberts, has made efforts to reconcile. On the social media site X (previously known as Twitter), Ross provided this information.

She posted on Wednesday, saying, “Thank you @RobertsEmma for calling and apologizing, realizing your behavior was not that of an ally.” “I’ll leave the line open to follow up on your commitment to improve and use your platform to support social justice causes.”

Several requests have been made for comments from representatives of Roberts, Ross, and FX, but none of them have been replied to.

Ross, a transgender person, first revealed the alleged event on Tuesday during an Instagram Live session, which an account for American Horror Story (AHS) fans later recorded.

Ross stated in the video that the alleged altercation between her and Roberts, whom she only named by first name and initials, took place when they were shooting the anthology series together. Roberts was the only person she recognized by these details.

“I’m standing in front of Emma, talking to her like this, and she’s in front of me, her back against the mirror. She goes, ‘John, Angelica’s being mean,’” she claimed, seemingly referring to AHS director John J. Gray.

Ross asserted that Gray subsequently stated, “Okay, ladies, you know, that’s enough. Let’s get back to work.”

“Roberts then looks at me, and she goes, ‘Don’t you mean lady?'” The actress went on. She then does this move around and covers her lips. I’m looking her in the face while I’m staring at her in the camera and thinking, “I’m trying to process what she just said.”

She also claimed that “Emma” was transphobic toward her because of the way she made fun of her voice in another post. Ross wrote, “We’re all sitting around, and I’m trying to imitate Cody’s accent.” “I had no idea he had one. Then, Emma imitates my voice and laugh while lowering her pitch significantly. I was SHOOK. She read me for blood with my own words of course I was self-conscious about my voice on set after that.”

The person who previously appeared in Transparent acknowledged that she had ceased communication with Roberts subsequent to the reported incident that occurred on the set.

“When I saw that happening, I was just like, ‘I’m done. I’m done.’ I didn’t speak to that b—- the entire time after that,” she claimed. “She said to me that she could feel the energy coming off of me.”

She further explains, “She was like, ‘Are you okay? You haven’t been talking.’ I’m like, ‘Mmhmm,’ Cause b—-, don’t play me. You’ve been playing mind games with everybody on the set and everybody’s been waiting for the moment that you would get me.'”

The actress publicly shared a purported email correspondence between herself and the producer over the prospective television program, which ultimately failed to come to fruition. In a TikTok video, the person claimed that Murphy ignored their additional questions about the series and refused to respond. Consequently, they lamented the missed prospect of collaborating with Marvel.

Representatives from Murphy and Marvel did not promptly respond to the request.

The television series “American Horror Story: 1984” made its debut in September 2019, serving as a tribute to the slasher films popular during that time, such as “Friday the 13th.” The television series was set in the city of Los Angeles during the 1980s and depicted the experiences of a group of individuals employed at a summer camp. The narrative revolved around their efforts to recommence camp operations, which had been suspended for a period of 14 years subsequent to a tragic incident involving several fatalities.

In addition to Roberts, Ross, and Fern, the television series also included a cast that included Billie Lourd, Gus Kenworthy, Matthew Morrison, Leslie Grossman, John Carroll Lynch, and Zach Villa.

Roberts is now preparing for her reentry into the franchise with American Horror Story: Delicate, when she shares the screen alongside Kim Kardashian. The television series will make its premiere on the FX network on Wednesday at 10 p.m. Eastern Time.

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