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VPN: what it is and who should use it?

There were times when most of the online stuff like work, entertainment, shopping, and studies were done on laptops or computers but with the advancement of technology now everything is easily accessible.

Now since everyone is using these small devices for all their needs, their protection is the most crucial point. As your personal details are stored in it you must take care of device security so that no data or information loss happens.

The obvious question which comes to mind is what is a VPN? Let’s find this out and also the uses of a VPN.

What is a VPN used for?

VPN stands for the virtual private network. A VPN encrypts your home wifi or any network that you use and enables all devices connected to it to engage in online activity securely from snooping by others. When you have a VPN you get access to content from all over the world. Therefore, you can buy a VPN for them and give them a secure network.

How is it useful for business?

The first mistake that business owners make is surfing the web using an unprotected network. Because of this lack of prediction, it’s easy for third-party apps to gain access to your information. One solution is to start using a VPN, which provides security against cyberattacks. Encryption over the network ensures that data is transferred from the sender to the receiver safely, and no intruders can disturb the connection.

However, if you’re struggling to maintain a secure environment while trying to control internal access and third-party external access, a VPN alternative is your safest bet. While VPNs can handle internal access, using a basic VPN connection for third parties can expose a business network to more vulnerabilities, like hackers exploiting third-party connections or shared passwords. VPN alternatives include identity and access management platforms, privileged access management, third-party security platforms, and zero-trust network access.

Must for children

Encrypting the network is a must if you have children accessing it. The cybercriminals must be waiting to steal crucial data from your network and spoil your privacy. Encryption of the network is the only way out to be safe from hackers and other parties interested in your data. This means to use a VPN, a virtual private network will ensure network encryption. And it will protect it from any hacker, or intruders.

Importance of VPN in Work from home culture

When you browse without a VPN all your activities can be tracked by anyone including your financial and personal details. This can lead to the recording of your online activities by your service providers, or third parties. It is important to be safe when you are working from your home and protecting your data. A VPN can help encrypt your online traffic to protect you from ISPs and the websites you browse from monitoring your browsing habits and selling your data to 3rd-parties. A VPN will cover up your network so that intruders may not interrupt the data transmission or communications over your network.


The tool to be used for your safety online is VPN, it will keep your data and network safe. VPN works like a tunnel for your network which means that your data transmissions are covered, and hackers cannot intrude it.

Using public wi-fi which is unencrypted makes it easier for hackers to sneak into your system and network. Therefore, VPN is useful for everyone, be it children, businesses, and employees.

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