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‘Here’ trailer starring Tom Hanks and Robin Wright

Sony Pictures has released the trailer for Robert Zemeckis’ “Here,” the sixth collaboration with the “Forrest Gump” filmmaker and his star Tom Hanks.

“Here” is based on Richard McGuire’s graphic book and follows the lives of one home and its inhabitants over the course of a century. The camera remains stationary during the whole 104-minute length. In another “Forrest Gump” reunion, Hanks and Robin Wright portray the film’s principal couple. Zemeckis and Eric Roth, who wrote “Forrest Gump,” collaborated on the film’s screenplay.

Hanks stars as Vietnam-era youngster Richard, while Wright portrays his lover and future wife Margaret. Through cosmetics and de-aging technology, the couple begins the film as adolescents and ends it in their 80s. Paul Bettany and Kelly Reilly play Richard’s parents, Michelle Dockery and Gwilym Lee play a couple in the early 1900s, and David Fynn and Ophelia Lovibond portray an inventor and pin-up girl in the 1920s.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Zemeckis said that he has “always been, for some reason, labeled as this visual effects guy.” However, he plans to completely embrace this designation in “Here” and “show the audience things that they don’t see in real life.”

“It only works because the performances are so good,” Zemeckis said. “Both Tom and Robin saw right away that, ‘Okay, we have to go back and channel who we were 50 or 40 years ago, and we have to bring that energy, that stance, and even raise our voices louder. “That type of thing.”

The film “Here” opens in cinemas on November 15. Watch the trailer below.

What is the new movie here about?

The time-traveling drama stars Haks and Wright, who reunite with “Forrest Gump” director Robert Zemeckis, and tells the story of a couple named Richard and Margaret, who meet as teenagers in the 1960s and end up spending their lives together, through the use of makeup and de-aging technology.

Here Cast 2024

The planned film “Here” will feature Robin Wright and Tom Hanks. This dramatic film by Robert Zemeckis follows several generations of a family as they all have a deep attachment to a single location.

Tom Hanks as Richard

Tom Hanks as Richard
Tom Hanks plays Richard in the movie “Here”.

Robin Wright as Margaret

Robin Wright as Margaret
Robin Wright plays Margaret in the movie “Here”.

Paul Bettany as Richard’s father

Paul Bettany as Richard's father
Paul Bettany plays Al Young, Richard’s father in the movie “Here”.

Kelly Reilly as Richard’s mother

Kelly Reilly as Richard's mother
Kelly Reilly plays Rose Young, Al’s wife and Richard’s mother in the movie “Here”.

Michelle Dockery as Mrs. Harter

Michelle Dockery as Mrs. Harter
Michelle Dockery plays Mrs. Harter in the movie “Here”.
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