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Top 5 Disney Channel Shows Of All Time

Disney+ has the hookup on all the Disney Channel shows you know and love. From Even Stevens to Phil Of The Future and Boy Meets World; Disney+ has them all and is ready for you to stream whenever you’re ready.

Disney+’s media library is vast, but we’ve handpicked the top 5 Disney Channel’s TV shows of all time. All five can easily find on the streaming platform and so are their spin-offs and movies. Some can also be found on their standard TV stations on major cable TV providers like DISH Network, DirecTV, and others! So pop some popcorn, grab a comfy seat and let’s get started binge-watching!

Even Stevens

Seasons: 3

Even Stevens focuses on the Stevens family’s two youngest siblings Ren and Louis. The show addresses typical problems most siblings close in age faces like sibling rivalry, disagreements, and personality clashes.

Sadly fans can’t find Even Stevens on cable TV anymore since it removed from syndication, but all three seasons of the show and The Even Stevens Movie are available for streaming on Disney+.

Phineas And Ferb

Seasons: 4

Phineas And Ferb is an animated show starring stepbrothers Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher who spend their summer vacation creating new things in their backyard like a roller coaster, a beach, a monster truck derby, a shrinking submarine, and many more. Most of their creations or inventions in the show are way outside the capabilities of kids or a postage size stamped backyard. They also have a family pet, Perry the Platypus who is possibly the cutest part of the show who lives a double life as a secret agent.

Fans can find all four seasons and the movies of Phineas and Ferb streaming on Disney+. If you’re looking for more Phineas and Ferb, you can also catch their spin-off Take Two with Phineas and Ferb on the streaming platform.

Phil Of The Future

Seasons: 2

Phil of the Future is a sci-fi sitcom about a family who is from 2121 but stuck in the past because their time machine broke. In the meantime, the Diffy family desperately tries to fit in while their father tries to fix the time machine so they can return to their own time. Phil seems to do everything normal high schoolers do like go to school, do his homework, and make friends. No one knows they’re from the past except Phil’s best friend and later in the show girlfriend Keely.

The show ended at two seasons with no spin-offs or movies but both seasons can be streamed on Disney+.

The Wizards of Waverly Place

Seasons: 4

The Wizards of Waverly Place follows what appears to be a typical family with an average life and average problems, but unlike what their friends and classmates believe; they’re anything but typical. The Russo family comes from a long line of wizards and now they’re of age to start learning their craft before they become at risk of losing them. The Wizards of Waverly Place is most notable as Selena Gomez’s breakout role into stardom before her musical career.

Fans of the show can find all four seasons and the movie adaptation now airing on Disney+.

Boy Meets World

Seasons: 7

Boy Meets World is a 90’s sitcom about a boy named Cory Matthews growing up from his preteen years into adulthood. The show follows his journey as he overcomes problems in life like school, friends, and family. Cory meets his best friend Hunter and ultimately the love of his life Topanga.

There’s also a spin-off show that aired after the natural progression and closure of Boy Meets World’s storyline called Girl Meets World. Boy Meets World started off on the Disney Channel but later acquired by ABC. Although the show is no longer airing on cable TV, fans can stream Boy Meets World on Disney+ along with Girl Meets World.

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