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The Best DMARC Analyzer Tool

Emails can be a potential medium for cybercriminals to forge your domain and send out malicious messages. The risk? It can lead to the destruction of your brand image, reputation and also compromise your confidential data and information. With the rise in Business Email Compromise, CEO fraud, phishing attacks, and spoofing. The need for security protocols and authentication standards has increased substantially. So; a widely acclaimed and recommended solution for safeguarding your email is Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting,, and Conformance (DMARC). It can not only secure your domain against impersonation attacks and email fraud. But; also improve deliverability over time.

But in order to opt for the best DMARC analyzer tool. However; you need to look out for certain key features that need to be integrated into it. So; with an increased number of DMARC analyzer tools available in the market. Falling behind on email security is definitely not an option anymore!

Guide to Your Best DMARC Analyzer

Easy Implementation process

For a DMARC analyzer tool to be effective and user-friendly, an easy implementation process is mandatory. However; powerDMARC’s DMARC analyzer tool provides an easy and speedy implementation process to configure DMARC for your domain, in four simple steps:

  • Firstly; configure your domain, DMARC policy and aggregate reports, and then publish the DMARC record to your DNS by setting it up with PowerDMARC.
  • Secondly; view the details of your aggregate and forensic reports, and gain full visibility into your email ecosystem on the PowerDMARC dashboard within 24 hours of setup. Analyze every email sent across the Internet on behalf of your organization’s domain.
  • Thirdly; PowerDMARC helps you shift from monitoring to enforcement in no time, and gain complete control over your domain by blocking out malicious IP addresses and minimizing impersonation attacks.
  • Lastly; gain 100% DMARC compliance by aligning your emails against both SPF and DKIM authentication standards.

Stay under the 10 DNS SPF lookup Limit

SPF has a limitation of a maximum of 10 DNS lookups, exceeding which can lead to SPF failure. Organizations that rely on various third-party vendors sending emails using their domain easily exceed this lookup limit, causing even legitimate emails to fail SPF. With PowerSPF you can shift to dynamic SPF that will enable you to optimize your DNS lookups with a single click, thereby always staying under the 10 DNS lookup limit and managing multiple spf records easily.

Detailed reporting mechanism

Your aggregate reports are generated in the form of complex XML files that can be difficult to analyze and decipher. PowerDMARC converts these reports into simple readable charts and tables that you can easily understand and monitor on a daily basis.

Moreover, you can view the aggregated reports in 8 different formats for optimal user-experience. That gain was never seen before clarity on emails being sent to and from your domain.

Aggregate reports can generate on the PowerDMARC dashboard:

  • As per result
  • Per sending source
  • As Per host
  • Per organization
  • Geolocation report
  • Detailed stats
  • Per country

Forensic reports with encryption

Your DMARC forensic reports contain detailed information about emails sent from your domain. Also; including email content that can be sensitive to your company. PowerDMARC’s DMARC analyzer enables you to encrypt your forensic reports with your very own private key that no one has access to, not even us!

Scheduled PDF reports

With an effective DMARC analyzer for your organization. You can convert your DMARC reports into convenient and easily readable PDF documents. Those can be shared with your whole team. “It will Depend on your needs. You can create a scheduled to be sent to your email regularly or simply create them on their demand.”

Threat Intelligence Engine

For enhanced visibility and insight. What you need is an AI-driven Threat Intelligence (TI) engine that actively roots out suspicious IP addresses. Checking them against a live, updated blacklist of abusers. So; you can take them out. This will suit you up against malicious activities and repeated occurrences of domain abuse in the future.

An Assemblage of Authentication Best Practices

While going for the best DMARC analyzer tool for your organization. What you need is a single SaaS authentication platform. It assembles all authentication best practices for you (apart from standard protocols like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC) under the same roof such as:

  • Hosted BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) to enhance your brand recall. It helps employees, customers, and partners visually identify and authenticate your brand in their inboxes in one go.
  • Hosted MTA-STS (Mail Transfer Agent- Strict Transport Security) to enforce TLS encryption of your emails in transit, mitigate SMTP security problems, and pervasive monitoring attacks.
  • TLS-RPT (SMTP TLS Reporting) to send you reports on email delivery issues. Due to failures in negotiating an encrypted connection between participating SMTPs during email transfer, once a day.

Competitive Pricing

While extending support towards secure protocols one should also keep in mind their budget and affordability. This is why PowerDMARC has plans starting from basic to premium. Startups and small businesses to MNCs and enterprises looking for authentication solutions for protecting their brand against impersonation and spoofing attacks.

PowerDMARC for the ultimate email security suite of your one-stop destination. When choosing a DMARC analyzer tool for your organization. It is important to confide in a service provider who offers premium technology at reasonable rates. Sign up to get your free DMARC trial today or become our DMARC MSSP partner to add brand value and propagate information security awareness among your clients!

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