Thursday, May 30, 2024

Titans Season 2, Characters’ Evolution, Raven with Red Gem/Third-Eye Circle

In the upcoming season of our Team Titans, we will get to see the originals of the titans as pre-described in the comic arcs.

The most significant of the Titans, Raven who’s half demon and half human possessing powerful magical powers, now to develop into somewhat the comics illustrated.

In the Titans Season 2, we will get to see the development in all of the characters of the series. Especially, Raven will get a red-gem on her forehead, possibly capable of helping her in controlling her demonic powers. Moreover, soon we will get to see the blackish costume-wearing Raven with a complete hold over her sorcerer-demonic powers.

Consequently, it will be intense as hell to watch Raven to face-off her evil father and avert the demonic powers trying to possess her soul and mind.

Moreover, Starfire will also appear in a new avatar Pink hairs and pinkish costume as pre-described in the comics.

Another twist ahead will entail the Nightwing mystery in the series. Nightwing who’s none other than our Robin will twist-up the series.

Well, apart from these, we may get to see Flash, another DC superhero teaming up with Titans in the upcoming times.

Stay tuned with us to know more about the Titans.


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