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The Meaning of VPS Server, and the Comparison

Internet is an incredible invention that drives people to goes online nowadays. Social media, blogging, and even selling are the top categories on the internet. People are slowly leaving the conventional way of life and racing to create the best establishment, profile, or business in that digital environment.

Do you know how a page or website can be accessed by a lot of people worldwide at the same time? The answer is because there are a hosting activity and server as the medium to make a website online on the internet. If you are the people that already managing to host, you will surely understand hosting, server, and its types. If you are a novice in this field, no need to worry, this article will guide you to understand deeper about the hosting server activity especially the VPS server, when is the best time to move or use the VPS server for your hosting activity. Let’s get started to learn about the VPS server below before we waste more time in this introduction.

What Is a Virtual Private Server?

What is a VPS server? Before we talk about what is a VPS server, we need to discuss the definition of hosting and server first to make it easier to grasp the information about VPS later on the following section.

Hosting is an activity that makes your pages or website become accessible by a lot of people on the internet by using the internet connection as the medium in delivering the data and information. For the specific description, when you want to visit a website, your browser or search engine from the computers will send the request message to the computer receiver that managing that website. After the computer receives the message, the computer will verify and send the specific page or data requested before. All of those processes are using the internet as the medium to deliver the data and the request message from the internet users to the server computer and this process is called hosting.

The computer that manages the website on the case above is called the server. Server has a function as the place for the hosting admin place the data or files on the computer’s hard disk. A hard disk is the place to put down the files and data is called a database. The database can affect your performance is the space is running low, and to overcome the problem, several people upgrading their hardware to increase the performance.

Since you understand about hosting and server, now you are good to go to understand what is a VPS server. So, what is a VPS server actually? VPS server stands for Virtual Private Server this server works by duplicating the real physical computer and converse it into a virtual computer which will handle a lot of matters in hosting practice as what the real computer does. Since it is known as the duplicate of computers in the digital environment, the features and capability of Virtual Private Server are equal with the real computer. For example, VPS is also providing the database and data allocating as what the computer does. Plus, VPS server allows its user to optimize, changing, and removing the software and even the operating system that run on that server. The other outstanding feature from VPS is the private aspect that gives you the full space only for you where you can use and optimize the resource for your own purpose. This space and resource are will not share to the other users for any reason. The other user will get the same space and resource for themselves, so everyone can be focus on their website and will never face the downtime problem or several issues else.

When Should You Switch to VPS?

When Should You Switch to VPS? To answer this question, the best answer is when you need more security for your website, enhance the performance, having a problem with disk space, and experiencing over-limited traffic.

Hosting is an activity that risky to be attacked by a lot of strangers out there that want to steal your data for their advantages in negative ways. This problem commonly pops up if you are using the cloud or shared hosting. Indeed, the cloud and shared hosting provide you the best price for hosting activity but the security itself is not well-covered. VPS charges you with cost that a bit higher than cloud and shared hosting, but the security that you will get is fully guaranteed for your sake.

Have you ever a slowing down speed on hosting activity? If the answer is yes, that problem appears because of the ineffective of resource allocation at that particular time. On the VPS hosting server, you will not find this kind of trouble because all the resource that u will get is fully dedicated for you and will not be shared to another user. Hence, the resource can be fully focus on your hosting performance instead of focus on many users. Plus, you can also install several software that can help you to manage the performance of a website on the internet.

The other issue that commonly found on the cloud and shared hosting is the limited disk space that mostly affects your performance in hosting the activity. If you renting the VPS server, you can solve that problem in the blink of an eye, and no need to worry about the space anymore.

Last, the over-limit visitors. As it was mentioned before, the resource that being used together in the same time will lead the slowing down performance and lead it to the downtime which your website is unable to handle the over-limit traffic and creating the bad user experience (UX) to your visitors. If your website is well-developed and you have the vision to grow it bigger, we highly recommend you to move to a VPS server because the dedicated resource will prevent this problem to have happened to your website at all costs.

How VPS Compares with Shared Hosting & Dedicated Hosting

VPS server provides the clients with virtual private space, dedicated resources, full-root access, and better security. Those features are not available on the shared hosting or dedicated hosting because, on both services, you only rent a place and not rent the facilities as on the VPS server.

Cost is maybe become the big consideration in choosing the VPS server or the cloud and shared hosting but if you think about it carefully, by using the VPS, you will not be demanded to give extra charge for minor problems, security issues, and performance too.

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