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‘The Law According to Lidia Poet’ Trailer Teases Complicated Legal and Social Conflicts

Netflix is providing its viewers with fresh original films and television programs. One example is a historical piece that takes the viewer back to the 19th century and shows what it was like to be a woman with rebellious goals at that time from a very different point of view. The official trailer for the new historical drama series The Law According to Lidia Pot has been published by the streaming service, in advance of the series’ launch on February 15.

The series depicts a period when a person’s abilities for a position were disregarded based on their social status or gender. The center of attention, and one determined to combat this disease, is Lidia Pot, a young Italian lady who aspires to become Italy’s first female lawyer. As the trailer opens, it is evident that despite Pot’s success in her personal and professional life, her talent as a lawyer was seen as less significant due to her gender. As she soon takes on a murder case, her family and male colleagues who feel woman does not belong in the legal profession mock her. Both sides share the objective of removing her, but this will not be easy.

“Disbarred for being a woman” was the headline of a daily newspaper and an indication of the barriers Pot must overcome in order to pursue her ideal job. In spite of this, she immerses herself in a challenging murder case and exposes her colleagues to hitherto untapped forensics expertise in crime investigation. Pot is the emblem of the woman who refuses to “know her place” in an unjustly harsh society, and although she is liberated in her personal life, she strives to recover that in her working life as well.

Letizia Lamartire and Matteo Rovere will direct each of the six episodes of The Law According to Lidia Pot. Matilda De Angelis plays the leading role of Pot. The series cast also includes Eduardo Scarpetta, Pier Luigi Pasino, Sinead Thornhill, Dario Aita, and Sara Lazzaro. Based on a real incident, The Law According to Lidia Pot is a modest indication of how much the world has changed over the previous century.

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