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The History of Twitter and the Rebrand to X

Social media has had an obvious, drastic impact on the world, and the lifestyle of millions, if not billions of people across the globe. We now have platforms not only viable for simple, digital communication, but sharing passion and talents through websites such as YouTube or Twitch, which have given people legitimate, successful careers.

The classic role of most social media platforms remains the same though, keeping people connected via transcending geographical barriers. While websites such as Facebook or the topic of discussion Twitter are excellent at this, there is much more to both of them in terms of role and accomplishments.

Twitter not only keeps hundreds of millions of people connected, it is also a platform on which you can find verified active accounts of over 80% of current world leaders.

In addition, it provides great marketing tools for hundreds of massive organizations in any realm of the infrastructure, especially digital platforms advertising progressive casino jackpots and gambling innovations. With campaigns targeted towards specific countries, where gambling is legal, it gives online casinos the opportunity to share their newest features, game releases, and latest promotions. This, as a result, keeps consumers informed and up to date-with their favorite gambling options.

Most importantly, the Twitter platform draws in millions of people to the industry through effective demonstration of what can be achieved in case of success when participating in various thrilling games.

Of course, all of this is still the tip of the iceberg, yet despite the positives, Twitter has always had a rough history, and various criticisms thrown at it, mostly regarding the toxicity of the community. Currently, with the new CEO Elon Musk making some questionable decisions, many start doubting the future of Twitter or as it currently stands, the future of X.

Brief History Before Musk’s Purchase

Most people seem to think that the story of the platform begins with two men, Jack Dorsey, and Evan Williams, but on the contrary, it all started with a person named Noah Glass. Originally, Twitter was a different type of platform, mainly focusing on mp3 messages, and later on podcasts. Noah named his original product Odeo.

Evan Williams, a decently wealthy investor at the time saw the potential of the start-up and took over as CEO, providing an actual office with many employees.  One of these employees happened to be a talented CS dropout Jack Dorsey, who would become good friends with Noah, and together, due to the popularity of iTunes as well as iPods, featuring the best mp3 content, they would focus on something else, an SMS based idea.

After the birth of Twitter, as well as its expansion, Noah wanted to separate it from his original work Odeo, to have the platform stand on its own two feet, with him in charge. His friend Jack seemed to be on board, as he took care of a lot of the coding, but Evan Williams was opposed to the idea. Because of this, he and Noah often had some clashes, leading to the fears of being fired and cut off from the project.

Noah’s fears would eventually come to fruition, but in a much rougher way than one might imagine. As soon as he was fired Jack Dorsey, a man who was supposedly a close friend would take over as CEO of the now separate company Twitter, revealing that he was the one who suggested cutting off his partner. Noah obviously felt betrayed and backstabbed, and his story remains one of the most heartbreaking ones in the industry’s history.

Current State of X

Twitter has come a long way since then, and while sadly Noah’s name is not known to general the public, his and Jack’s project continue thriving as one of the top social media platforms. It got so big in fact, that one of the planet’s wealthiest people started to take interest in it.

Elon Musk needs no introduction, as he is a quite well-known figure. On October 27 of 2022 Musk Purchased Twitter for a whopping 44 Billion USD, and famously fired most of the crew to start fresh. He would soon evidently run into some problems though, as he perhaps overestimated how much the platform earned. This is only speculation due to his highly controversial addition of the paid subscription that exchanges eight USD for a blue checkmark and some additional perks.

Previously the checkmark would only be granted to users with enough of a following, only after the verification from the platform managers. The inclusion of the paid subscription raised some obvious problems as the regular folk could now easily fake being someone else of a much larger size and following. Of course, tracking the actual account of the user through their previous tweets is not that challenging but that is still an additional effort many might not bother with, opening up potential doors for scammers.

Regardless, that is also past history. What is fresh is the rebranding of Twitter to simply the letter X, similar to Musk’s other work such as Space X for example. With a brand new UI as well as the name, many do question the future of X and Elon’s judgment. Notably, though, there are tons of people on the other side of the spectrum, claiming that the platform will be better than ever, and that is already performing greater in terms of revenue. Of course, only time can say definitively.

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