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The effortless commandment for a healthy life

The effortless commandment for a healthy life

Man, be smart. Follow the new fitness laws for everyday life – and your life will be a better one. This is our message, this is our promise. And don’t be afraid: being fit is neither complicated nor exhausting – it is about a lot more than exercise nor sweating, fitness nor strength bolts. If you want to check some healthy activities

Only those who allow themselves breaks, can enjoy themselves, appreciate the sensual, only they can draw new strength and expand their own self-awareness. What we offer you here is the basis for a balanced, healthy life. Life as your body and mind want it to be; they will keep telling you what is good for them and/or what is missing.

Small active and relaxation islands are often enough during the day – you just have to know the right way to get there. Choose the right thing and show goodwill, then good will happen to you. Because it’s in you.

You should have a long breath

So you’ve made up your mind to do something for yourself, maybe even become a better person. You want to wake up weak muscles and polish the body to health.

This is your new creed: aura through perseverance. So go out and strengthen your lungs, make them strong and persistent. Pump it full of fresh air so that it brings the sweat to your forehead and gets your blood circulating. Sit on your bike and work the cranks in unison. Lace-up your running sandals and take one step in front of the other faster than before. Undress down to your loincloth and don’t go over the water, but swim right through it.

Patience pays off

No matter what time you reach the goal: you will be the winner. Because the fresh stamina will help you in the daily struggle for survival, strengthen your defenses, improve your concentration, and condemn the stress of everyday life to eternal hell. It will also help you sleep more calmly and increase your libido. And the training will make you light-footed because the superfluous love handles will turn into pleasure like the sins on the confessional.

Even if the reward of good deeds is not immediately apparent – it is there. The fat will turn into a strong and beautiful muscle transform that outweighs the pounds you burned. Be patient – and you will see the rings disappear from under your doublet. And always remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day either. As Jesus said to his disciple Thomas: “Blessed are those who do not see and yet believe.”

Trinity of stamina

The trinity of stamina manifests itself in the most popular activities of the common people: running, swimming, cycling. For example, the fitness disciples’ bible, FIT FOR FUN, brought this insight to those who thirst for sports knowledge: Running devours the most calories per hour, before swimming and cycling. Running is also at the fore when it comes to improving endurance and oxygen uptake. Only when it comes to joint stress and the risk of injury did the secular scientists commissioned to find out that swimming is the number one savior.

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