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Emotional Healing Process That Will Actually Make You Feel Better

Healing physical wounds have always been easier as compared to healing emotional wounds. For instance, when you see a scratch on your body, your first instinct is to get a disinfectant, get in clean, and place a bandage on top of it. Similarly, if you have a headache or a throbbing pain anywhere in your body, you will simply take a painkiller. But let us say that you went through a trauma and you are emotionally unwell, what is the first thing you will do?

Sadly only a handful of people can answer that question. Most of us have no idea how to emotionally heal ourselves from day to day trauma that we face. It doesn’t have to be huge, but even the smallest ones can leave a huge impact. Therefore it is important that every individual out there should be aware of emotional healing techniques that can help him recover.

Today, in this article, we will be discussing how to heal deep emotional wounds. We will start off with a healing process that is simple and straightforward and will help you heal when emotional pain is too much to handle. So let us jump right into the details.

1-     Describe The Situation

In order to heal yourself, you first need to understand what actually happened that left that emotional injury in your path. Sometimes when we go through trauma, our brain tends to mix up memories making it impossible for one to pinpoint exactly what happened.

Choose a safe place. Relax your mind and body. Take in some deep breaths and try taking your mind to that exact point in time. That you believed left the emotional injury. Once you are there, try to explain the situation to yourself in the simplest words possible. Now say out loud how everything made you feel. Try to be as exact as possible to get a clear understanding.

Ask yourself what happened? Why did it happen? What role did you play? Who was involved? What elements of the situation we’re in your control? Who influenced you, or where did you go wrong? Remember, these are only questions that you need answers to. The answers don’t have to be perfect. At this point, you are only getting a clear understanding of things. So, do not justify or over-analyze the situation.

2-     Evaluate Your Feelings

Once you have analyzed the entire situation and you know how it made you feel, it is time for you to acknowledge them and let them out. But for this to happen, you need to give yourself a safe space to let it all buried inside out. It is in human nature to stunt the capacity of feeling when things get overwhelmed.

So you will need to work on yourself in order to let it all out. Ask yourself a simple question, how do you exactly feel about the situation? Seems easy enough, right? Well, it is the hardest question of all time. You won’t get an answer to it in a day or two days. Give yourself time to feel and figure out what it is that you are feeling?

Once you have that figured out, let it all out. Cry or scream if you are sad or angry. Practice emotional healing therapy such as shooting or fighting at clubs to let out the anger. Let the emotions pass through you completely and don’t leave anything behind. Be true to yourself, and only then can you eliminate all that out of your system.

3-     Be Loved Yourself

Firstly, We know about yourself. This means that what you want, set your boundaries. confident your own opinions. You wear the clothes you want to wear, you eat the food that you want. You reduce your emotional distress share by another person. Part of our nature requires solitude, alone time, and a considerable individualism. But this isn’t the entire story of our nature. We feel happier, warmer, and better, live longer, and knowledge life a more meaningful if we love and let ourselves be loved. to try to both, to both be ourselves and relate, requires that we acknowledge the truth of others, include others in our plans, not only speak but listen, and make ourselves fit by eliminating our more faults and by growing up.

4-     Develop A Plan

Getting a clear understanding of the event and processing your feelings allows you to truly evaluate your situation. Once you have cleared the first two steps, the next thing that you need to do is come up with a plan to ensure that the past doesn’t repeat itself, and you don’t end up in the same situation again.

In this step, you need to figure out how you are going to develop yourself. You can do it on your own, ask someone for help or consult a professional if you find a serious problem. For instance, if you are an addict and it led you to a car accident where you lost someone, you need to get help from a rehab center to clean.

If you think you can do it yourself by shifting to herbal drugs to fight the pain or the constant stress such as White Thai Kratom powder, then your plan should be to ask a professional in this regard. Ask questions such as Where can I buy Kratom, what dosage should I take, what are the side effects, or even if it is the right option for you or not?

Final Words

This process will take time, so give yourself time. There is no rush here. Rushing will only increase stress, anxiety, and depression, so give yourself a break and let yourself heal at your own pace. Try to work out things on your own. If you can’t, then consult a professional, and they will help you get back on your feet to live your dreams once more.

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