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5 Steps to Help You Pick the Best Commercial Umbrellas

A lot of people think that the umbrellas they have in their gardens or backyard can be used outdoors on their business premises as well. However, commercial umbrellas are different from non-commercial umbrellas. For one, business umbrellas are typically larger and more heavy-duty. Secondly, they are also branded to display the name of the restaurant or business that bought them.

When looking to buy commercial umbrellas for your business, there are many things to consider. The right custom umbrellas will last for years and accentuate your space. While there are many options for commercial umbrellas, finding outdoor shade solutions that suit your business is not an easy task. Even the most experienced marketers and business owners sometimes feel confused when they are presented with so many options.

Here are 5 steps that cover everything you need to select the best commercial umbrellas for your business:

Step One: Where will you use your commercial umbrellas?

A commercial umbrella can be placed in a number of settings. Where you want to set up your umbrella will dictate the type of umbrella you need. If your business has several areas that need to be covered, you might have to consider buying different kinds of umbrellas.

  • Pool umbrellas are excellent for cruise ships and resorts. They provide a good amount of shade around the poolside. On the deck, they provide effective respite against sunburn.
  • Restaurant umbrellas are used by cafés, bars and outdoor restaurants for alfresco dining. They not only protect guests from sun and rain but also give the business a unique outdoor setting.
  • Hotel umbrellas provide shelter at various locations within the premises of a hotel. They are quite useful for large gatherings, outdoor dining and poolside activities.

Step Two: What size and style of umbrella will suit your business?

To make the most out of your custom umbrellas, it is important to consider the size and placement. Selecting the right size will help you plan your layout more efficiently. It will also help you identify whether you will need a single umbrella or multiple umbrellas to cover the entire outdoor seating area.

Measure the square footage of your outdoor premise. Next, arrange the seating accordingly. After this, you can get in touch with an umbrella expert and request their assistance in choosing the best restaurant umbrellas for your business. You can also consult a landscape designer if you need to meet any specific guidelines laid out by your city or are running out of space.

Step Three: Consider weather resilience and durability of the umbrella

As a business, you want to spend minimum time and effort in maintaining and replacing your umbrella. A premium quality, rust-resistant and weatherproof umbrella will last you for years, without compromising the outdoor dining experience of your guests.

Granted, there will be wear and tear, but good quality umbrellas will look well-seasoned and not weather-beaten. Regular upkeep, removing the umbrella during high winds and storing them properly will add years to these outdoor shade solutions.

Step Four: Swap money for quality

There’s no point in buying a cheap umbrella if you end up buying a new one every year. Premium quality commercial umbrellas will definitely be on the higher side of your budget, but they will pay for themselves in the long run.

Also, when buying custom umbrellas, make sure to shop with a good company where knowledgeable experts can assist you with any and all of your queries. Buying an umbrella is just like buying a car. You get what you pay for, so be sure to find the right vendor to buy umbrellas for your space.

Step Five: Don’t compromise on customer care

We often see businesses settling for a lower price on bulk purchases without asking about the post-sales support. The result? There is no support when things go awry. Even trivial things such as assembly or tips on upkeep lead to a lot of wasted time that could have been saved if only there was support from the right experts.

To avoid such situations, make sure to partner with a reputed manufacturer. For instance, Flare Shade offers top-notch support before, during and after sales. We stock all parts of your umbrella and can ship them to you on priority so that your business can continue operating seamlessly.

Apart from these important factors, you must also take into account:

Printing and branding of commercial umbrellas

What good is an outdoor shade if it can’t promote your business? Many sellers offer custom printing to add your business name, logo and slogan on the umbrella canopy. It’s just like having your own billboard 24*7 days a week.

The fabric of custom umbrellas

The canopy material of your umbrella should be all-weather, fade-resistant and mould and mildew resistant. All commercial umbrellas from Flare Shade are waterproof, UV-resistant and flame retardant.

Choosing the right accessories for your umbrellas

You might want to add lighting, sound or temperature control underneath your umbrella. Fortunately, there are several nifty accessories to make this task easier. There is an array of accessories and add-ons that can jazz up outdoor dining for your guests. You can choose wheels, LED lighting, Bluetooth speakers and heaters to make the experience more memorable for your guests.

Commercial compliance and safety of your customers

Not only do you want your customers to be happy, but you also want the city authorities to be happy too. Ensure that the outdoor setup of your commercial umbrellas adheres to the codes and guidelines laid out by your city council to avoid hefty fines.

Final thoughts

As a business owner you will personally know what’s best for your business. While we hope that this guide assists you in choosing the right commercial umbrellas, please feel free to get in touch with our service experts in case of any query or concern. Flare Shade offers a range of beautiful and versatile custom umbrellas for businesses of all types and size. Browse store online to place your order.

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