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Supergirl Season 5, What will Happen Next?

Supergirl Season 5 reserved 6 October 2019 for its big bang release. This time, we will get to see the supergirl’s life entangled deep into the dark mysteries.

Well, by the end of Supergirl Season 5, Kara’s supergirl identity got exposed in front of Lena. And this is far enough to make Lena furious over her best friend Kara.

Surely, season 5 will bring some major turns and twists which will also lead our supergirl to become a significant part of Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover.

Well, it seems like fans want more from the makers of Supergirl. So, this time makers have to jazz-up the series with some freaky and wonderful twists just as the supergirl powers.

Although the makers try their best to stay sticky to the originals of the comic Supergirl, they’re presenting it in a quite different way. 

Let’s see what will happen next in Supergirl Season 5. How Kara will be able to retain Lena’s trust. Moreover, will Kara get to know about the secret Lena is hiding from her?

Surely, it will be hell intensifying to watch our favorite superhero, Supergirl, the cousin of our Superman.

As fans want the meet up of Supergirl and Superman, surely the makers will set some plans for this happening in the upcoming seasons.

Stay tuned to know more about Supergirl.

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