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Spiderman is Not a Part of MCU Anymore, But Why?

One of the Avengers team members, Spiderman who joined Avengers back in 2016 now kicked-out of MCU universe anymore.

Tom Holland marked its entry in MCU by debuting a remarkable role of Spiderman in 2016 film Captain America: Civil War.

So, if you remember, our young crazy Spiderman entered Avengers world being an Allie of Tony Stark our Iron Man.

Consequently, Marvel gave us two stand-alone Spiderman film starring Tom Holland. Moreover, he also appeared in Avengers: Infinity Wars and Endgame.

Now Spiderman will not be a part of MCU and Avengers team anymore. As per the sources, Sony and Marvel’s head company Disney are having some critical issues due to which they broke the deal of presenting 5 Spiderman films. 

So, now Disney will not handle any of the Spiderman films, and he will never appear in any of Marvel films.

This is surely heart-wrenching news for the fans that from now they won’t be able to see Spidey as an avenger. Moreover, now Sony has to bring a number of changes in the upcoming Spiderman films as the connection of Spidey with Marvel character Iron Man will have to fade away. 

Sadistically, after the death of Iron Man, now the fans have to suffer from this misery of losing Spiderman’s identity of an Avenger.

Anyhow, this isn’t an end. We will surely get to see more stand-alone films of Spiderman with some slight changes. 


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