Monday, April 15, 2024

What will be the Story of Matrix 4? Moss and Reese Back in Action!

Our favorite action-pack Matrix is all set to back on screens with its fourth part. Warner Bros finally broke the most awaited news that they are planning to bring Matrix 4.

Since 2003, we are desperately waiting for another Matrix film as the third part of the film entitled Matrix: Revolutions left us on a cliffhanger.

No doubt, the end of Matrix 3 clearly hinted towards the beginning of another chapter of Neo’s life. We knew that there’s a lot more to come yet in the Matrix world and the makers will surely recommence the film series for another part.

So, who have eagerly waited for the arrival of Matrix 4, now, finally, the makers are going to reward their patience.

Matrix 4 will unfold another thrilling chapter of Neo and Trinity’s life amid a breath-taking battle with machines for the sake of humanity.

Get ready to ride on the rollercoaster of Matrix as Reese and Moss will reprise their roles of Neo, and Trinity, respectively. 

By the end of Matrix 3, Oracle stated that she firmly believes that Neo will get back. Moreover, she said that all humans will earn an opportunity to leave the matrix, and the peace will last long till it can. This hinted towards the idea that another roar of action will destabilize the Matrix and human world. 

Moreover, we will see a rebooted version of the Matrix world. In Matrix 4, we will encounter many changes.

Matrix 4 will enter its production phase in 2020. So, we expect it to get a release date in the year 2021. 

We will keep updating you about Matrix 4.


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