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Money Heist 4, Will Tokyo Once Again Put the Team in Grave-Danger?

Money Heist (La Casa Da Papel) Season 4 will soon mark its die-hard entry on the Netflix. This time there will be more tangles and thrilling action amid big ever heist.

The Season 4 will be the fourth part of the series completing the heist story left incomplete in Season 3/part 3 which set to embark another Heist Plan. Anyhow, the heist plan tragically failed and the team got entrapped.

It has been speculated that the narrator of the series, and one of the significant members of the team, Tokyo puts her team into the danger.

Anyhow, Tokyo is a selfish, bold, insensitive person but being the leader of the team, she will surely do something to get them out of the danger.

As the team failed in executing money heist and got captured just because of Tokyo’s selfish act of love as she tried to save Rio solely, and puts her whole team in danger.

Now, it will be hell intense to know what will she do ahead and how she will be able to make a perfect plan to get her team out and save.

Let’s see how this cunning lady will be able to put everything back in position.

Surely, Money heist part 4 will once again steal our hearts with remarkable presentations of story and cunning, smart acts of heisting.

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