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Sinead O’Connor died 18 months after the death of her son Shane

After the passing of the Irish singer at age 56, her neighbors have spoken out about the times spent with her.

Her family acknowledged O’Connor’s death on Wednesday, July 26, in a statement sent to BBC News. The musician from Dublin passed away at the age of 56 after being discovered “unresponsive” at “a residential address” in London’s Lambeth district.

The Times reports that O’Connor relocated to a new penthouse in south London earlier this month and told her neighbors she had done so to feel less lonely.

Pushpakumara Moragamana, 57, who resided across the street, was cited in the publication. He remembered O’Connor smoking outside the building when they had a lengthy conversation about religion, mental health, and the loss of her 17-year-old son Shane.

It seems that O’Connor’s neighbors were unaware of her notoriety. Mr. Moragamana recalled an emotional conversation in which the “Nothing Compares 2 U” diva claimed she was “devastated and depressed” about the death of her kid. They talked often, he added.

Where did Sinéad O Connor live?

She was discovered in the luxury flat in south-east London that she paid £3,000 a month for and that, only a few weeks prior to her death, the celebrity had eagerly shown to admirers when she first moved there.

Sinead OConnor Mourned in Irish Mountain Village Where She Once Lived
Sinead O’Connor died 18 months after the death of her son Shane 3

Sinead O’Connor videotaped the flat and disclosed her ambitions to ‘create new songs,’ implying a new album and a global tour.

Yesterday just after 11 a.m., police were called to a home in south London between Brixton and Herne Hill. The famous person was declared deceased at the site. Her death’s cause is not being looked into.

The death has no known medical reason, and an autopsy will be performed; findings are expected in “several weeks,” according to a statement made this afternoon by the London Inner South Coroner’s Court.

Sinead declared on social media that she had returned to London and was “very happy to be home” in a video that was recorded on July 9 at her new house.

In order to prove that it was her Twitter account and to show that she was unpacking, the singer took the social media video. She apologized for the mess and laughed, referring to the modern apartment as a “s***hole” because of how strewn her belongings were around.

However, there were also jokes about putting Vaseline on her face to take care of her complexion, and the modern kitchen was adorned with ‘beautiful’ sunflowers that her friend had bought as a welcome present.

The singer moved in at the beginning of July. The owners claim that this spacious apartment boasts top-notch appliances, contemporary fixtures, and a private balcony with breathtaking views.

In a Twitter video where she displayed her black Martin Johnny Cash electric acoustic guitar on the wall, she also declared that she would be creating new songs. She said that she would release a new album “next year” and “hopefully” begin touring once again, with performances scheduled for 2024 and 2025 in Ireland, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, respectively.

How many husbands has Sinéad O Connor had?

In her lifetime, Sinéad O’Connor had a number of noteworthy partnerships.

The Irish singer-songwriter was married four times. In 1987, she wed drummer John Reynolds, with whom she had a son Jake as their first child.

The “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer has three additional children from previous relationships in between her marriages. Roisin was her daughter with John Waters, Shane was her son with Donal Lunny (he committed himself at the age of 17 in 2022) and Yeshua was her son with Frank Bonadio.

O’Connor’s last union was to psychologist Barry Herridge, which notably disintegrated 16 days after the couple exchanged vows in 2011. 2014 saw the artist speak out to the Irish Sun and confess, “I wish I hadn’t ever gotten married.”

“Stupid cow. Once again, four times,” she said. What an idiot. I will never be able to be married once and for good. Regardless, I look ridiculous in dresses. And it’s obvious that I’m a bad wife.

She opted to keep her relationships secret after her fourth marriage because of the media’s scrutiny of her and her partner’s personal lives and behavior after spending three decades battling public opinion.

In 2012, she said on her website, “I hope the media will kindly leave the poor man alone to get on with his life. The behavior of one particular paper resulted in very serious damage to my husband and myself personally and consequently made the marriage untenable so that it is now over.”

Does Sinéad O Connor have a child?

Does Sinead O Connor have a child
Sinead O’Connor died 18 months after the death of her son Shane 4

When her first album, “The Lion and the Cobra,” was released in 1987, young artist Sinéad O’Connor, then 20 and from Dublin, was already a mother to her eldest son Jake.

The “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer and her first husband, John Reynolds, welcomed Jake on July 26, as verified by her family. She then gave birth to a daughter, Roisin Waters, and two additional boys, Shane Lunny, and Yeshua Bonadio, all with American businessman Frank Bonadio and Irish folk performer Donal Lunny.

“I have four children by four different fathers, only one of whom I married, and I married three other men, none of whom are the fathers of my children,” O’Connor joked in her 2021 book “Rememberings.”

“People often ask me why I’ve had four kids with four different guys. I explain that’s how it just transpired. I didn’t feel like I had to get married just to have kids, even if it wasn’t something I had planned,” she wrote.

She referred to her children in her autobiography as “unusual, intelligent, loving, compassionate, spiritually advanced, funny, worthwhile, hard-working human beings,” and she “couldn’t be prouder” of them.

“If I have no other purpose in this life than to bring these four children into the world, then that’s enough for me to feel like I accomplished something worthwhile in this world,” she concluded.

O’Connor lamented the suicide of Shane, a 17-year-old boy, in January 2022.

Jake Reynolds

Three weeks before the 1987 publication of her first album, O’Connor and her first husband, music producer John Reynolds, had their son Jake Reynolds when she was 20 years old, according to O’Connor’s account in “Rememberings.”

“Having Jake when I was young offered advantages, particularly since we were the closest of friends. We became closer as he matured. We had a really wonderful connection, but we were sometimes more like friends than mother and son, which I think is not always a good thing.

Jake Reynolds, a head chef in a restaurant in Dublin, is a father of two.

Roisin Waters

She started dating Irish journalist John Waters after the singer of “Black Boys on Mopeds” and John Reynolds divorced. Roisin Waters, a daughter, was born to the ex-couple in 1995.

O’Connor mentioned Roisin Waters’ career as a pastry chef in her autobiography.

Shane Lunny

In her biography, O’Connor described her son Shane O’Connor as a “genius” and an “extremely special character.” O’Connor married Irish folk singer Donal Lunny in 2004.

In her book, she said that “He is the child who I believe is most like me, to look at and by nature.”

O’Connor disclosed in 2007 that she had been diagnosed with bipolar illness. In 2015, after a custody battle with Lunny, she claimed on her Facebook page that she had overdosed, according to sources.

O’Connor was subsequently discovered by Irish police, who said that she was “safe and sound” and getting medical care.

According to sources, the singer said that she was upset over losing custody of Shane, who was then 13 years old, in an emotional video that she uploaded on Facebook in August 2017. The singer said at the time that she had wanted to die for a long time and that her psychiatrist and doctor were the only ones who had kept her alive.

O’Connor said on Twitter in January 2022 that Shane had committed himself days after being discharged from a Dublin hospital where he was on suicide watch.

She stated, “The very light of my life, my lovely son Nevi’im Nesta Ali Shane O’Connor, chose to terminate his earthly fight tonight and is now with God. “May he rest in peace, and may others not emulate him. My child. I adore you a lot. Be at peace, please.

Yeshua Bonadio

Yeshua, O’Connor’s youngest son, was born in December 2006; his father is her former lover Frank Bonadio. Yeshua’s piano playing, according to O’Connor, left her “speechless” and hailed him as having “phenomenal musical talent.”

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