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Riverdale Season 4: Here’s All Latest Updates That You Must Know!

As you know, Riverdale fourth installment is coming back on Netflix in 2019. The series follows the characters from the Archie Comics series. Luke Perry passed out during the production of season three. Even he did not feature in the last three episodes of the third season.

So now fans are excited to watch the fourth season of Riverdale. It will premiere on the CW in the United States. Fans are desperately waiting because the release date has revealed. It will come on Netflix on 10th October 2019 while in the United States it would premiere on 9th October on the CW.

Season three followed the story of the Black hood and GArgoyle King story. Roberto Aguirre Sacasa is the creator of the season told that the first episode of the new season would tribute the Luke Perry and his character Fred Andrews.

Moreover, he also shared an Instagram post of the finished script. He wrote that the most famous episodes of the season we’ll do this year. That lines are the true tribute to luke and he also thanks for this chances to honor Luke and his character Fred.

Besides, Shannen Doherty is the Pery’s friend said she sincerely honored the guest starring.
So wait the 10th October when you would get the Riverdale season 4.


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