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Walking Dead Season 10: Is Chandler Riggs A.K.A Carl Returning Back?

Walking Dead Season 10 is all set to hit hard AMC on October 6, 2019. One of the Walking Dead stars, Chandler Riggs expressed his keen interest in once again getting back in Walking Dead as Carl and work with his favorite co-star, his reel father.

In Walking Dead Season 8, we saw that one of the zombies bite Carl, and after that, we heard a gunshot leading Carl to take his life. Anyhow, we didn’t see his dead body but he was dead for all of us.

Recently, Chandler Riggs who portrayed the character of Carl stated that he wants to come back in Walking Dead. But as we saw his tragic death in the series, it’s quite impossible for him to re-mark his entry.

Anyhow, it’s quite possible that in flashback scenes or some sort of imaginations, Carl can be seen in the upcoming season of Walking Dead.

Moreover, another strong possibility of Chandler/Carl’s appearance in Walking Dead is that he will be a part of the upcoming spin-offs or movie trilogy of Walking Dead. 

Let’s see how Chandler will find a way back to his home like series, Walking Dead in the future. So, if you are excited to see Carl once again then go ahead and support him on your social media.

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