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Arrow Season 8: The Wait’s Over and Here All the Details About Story and Release of the Final Season

Arrow is on the way to its conclusion and here the possibility of Oliver’s death in this final season. Arrow Season 8 will premiere on 15th October 2019 at 9/8c only on CW.

CW’s Arrow is yet to arrive but people are desperately speculating what will happen in the finale of the remarkable superhero series starring Oliver Queen the Arrow.

So, let’s figure out what will happen in the eighth and final season of Arrow.

The first thing that hits our mind is nothing else then Arrow’s death in the finale of the series. And you know, losing a leading character, a superhero is heart-wrenching.

Well, as we know that there is multiple Earth, and Universes in Arrowverse, so, there’s a possibility that Arrow of any one of the Earths will die while saving the Universe in the Crisis on Infinite Earth Crossover.

As the Crossover will include one of the Arrow episodes, so, it might be the last episode of Arrow Season 8. Well, there’s no confirmation yet. Certainly, we will get to see a happy ever ending of the spectacular superhero series, Arrow which never fails to steal our hearts since 2012.

Let’s see how Oliver Queen will succeed in getting his life back on track while playing a significant role in averting the Crisis on Infinite Earths.


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