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Reasons and Benefits of Getting Node JS Certification

Ever since the OpenJS foundation introduced Node JS in 2009, it is taking the web development world by storm. After a decade of skepticism, criticism, and test cases, OpenJS foundation officially started Node JS certification in 2019. The growing popularity of Node JS adds up to the value of its certification. So many developers are aiming for Node courses and yet its demand in the IT market is not flinching.

Now that the tech giants like Netflix and Paypal are finally acknowledging Node JS as one of the best JavaScript runtime environments out there. OpenJS foundation made it more reliable by releasing its stable version in 2021. Not only the Node JS foundation but also online forums are giving their best to bring Node JS into the limelight. The increasing demand for Node JS developers at a global level makes it more of a reason to go for its certification. To convince you more, we will be discussing the benefits of pursuing Node JS certification in today’s era.

What is Node JS?

Node JS is a virtual runtime environment for JavaScript. Developers can test and modify their code without any hassle. Node JS being open-source and cross-platform makes it flexible and platform-independent respectively. Any developer who knows JavaScript and object-oriented programming as the back of their hand can easily switch to Node JS.

Node JS uses JavaScript on the front-end as well as the back-end. It does not sound like a big deal but it makes a great difference for developers. The compilation and synchronization become easier and you have one less language to deal with. Node JS can perform complex tasks with such ease that you will fall in love with it. Even complex coding modules like sending and receiving emails using Node JS are as easy as a walk in the park.

Benefits of a Node JS Certification

A certification in any form is beneficial but you need to ensure that the certification is going to add more value to your CV than the money and time invested. Here are some of the benefits of having a Node JS certification:

It’s a Standard

Following the latest trends is the smartest thing to do. Unfortunately, this is common knowledge. Therefore, every beginner developer who is aiming to be a full-stack web developer will go for Node JS. A huge crowd makes it hard to stand out. That’s when a certification comes into play. Every person in the room will claim to be an advanced Node JS developer. Taking a full-fledged performance test is also not feasible. At that point, you don’t have to demonstrate your skills, your Node JS certification will prove your grip on the subject.

It will Prove your Skills

The demand for skilled Node JS developers is increasing but it is hard to meet the requirement. A certification can bridge the gap between a job opportunity and a developer. Qualified developers can confidently walk in any company which has an opening for a Node JS developer and grab their place.

It can be a Shortcut

Sometimes, there are limited seats in an organization. Having a certification is like bringing your own seat. Every enterprise would love to have a certified Node JS developer in their arsenal. If you are lucky, you don’t have to start with beginner developers. A certification can set you apart from newbies.

A Complete Course

Node JS certification exam is not limited to MCQs and conceptual questions. It enhances your problem-solving abilities. Not only theoretical but also real-life problems that you will face while working as a web developer. You can solve your problems using a traditional approach or an out-of-the-box method. The certification will demonstrate your ability to switch between different approaches.

It is a Proof of Commitment

Getting a certification is not a piece of cake. A lot of people will try learning any new skill and give up. Your certification is proof that you never gave up. It demonstrates your winning attitude and your love for Node JS. If you are putting in such effort to be good at Node, you must be committed to learning it. People who stick to commitments are a very useful asset for any organization they step in.

It is a Long-term Investment

A Node JS certification is not something that will benefit you for some time. Even if you go for a promotion, new job, or an increment, your certification will benefit you in every aspect of your career. All the resources you are putting in to get that certification will aid your long-term goals as a web developer. You will get frequent growth in terms of position as well as earnings because of your Node JS certification.

Career growth

Currently, there is more than 20000 Node Js Jobs on Naukri.com and 18000 on LinkedIn. Some of the companies hiring for this role include Jio, Infosys, SAP, DataVersity, etc. The national average salary for a Node Js Developer is ₹4,00,000 per year in India. The most experienced developers make up to ₹ 20,00,000 per year and the Entry level positions start at ₹ 6,00,000 per year.

You can opt for a Node JS certification for an Application Developer or a Services Developer. Choose the certification that complements your expertise and skills. You might not realize the importance of certification unless you are in a room full of developers and you are already at an advantage without even entering the interview. Your certification will make it loud and clear that you can handle complex tasks with ease.

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