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Northern Areas of Pakistan – A trip to Heaven on Earth

Pakistan is among the most beautiful and mesmerizing lands on the surface of the earth. Here, in Pakistan, you may have fluctuations of weather from hottest to coldest. It has actual locations from the sea zones to the highest mountain peaks like heaven. It has a variety of lands for the interest of visitors. The real beauty lies in Northern areas of Pakistan.

Still, the most beautiful parts are nominated as the northern parts of Pakistan. They are at the topmost level for being the primary zone for tourism. For the purpose, Pakistan is chosen among the top ten best tourist places with a high influx of tourists in 2019. You must be proud to be there in northern areas!

Northern Areas of Pakistan

If heaven is going to have a random tag name, then for sure, it will be the name of northern breathing valleys plus mountainous ranges. They are something coming from heaven. It is the correct name of stunning beauty at its peak level.

The fairy meadows, alpine flowers, turbulent rivers, plus snow-covered hills are just the paradise on the earth planet. One may not be able to decide which one to select for visiting the whole northern areas. Let us have a recap of the first visiting places of north regions:

  1. Hunza valley Northern areas of Pakistan

It is the prominent tourist place for visitors in the northern zone. The beauty seems remarkable at Rakaposhi, Hunza Peak, and Passu peak. They are something above the beauty of the world. The mesmerizing view of Rakaposhi in the beautiful full moonlight is going to enhance the beauty of the peak. It seems something really from God for the comfort of man’s mindset relaxation.

The poetic beauty of the peaks and the flowing rivers from them. It is going to create a stunning effect on the hearts of the visitors. The Baltit Fort is going to add to the beauty plus strangeness of the zone. It is a level of thought from ancient times. The historical background plus the architecture of the fort has a story inside it for the visitors to keep them engaged.

Those tourists who intend to do hiking are no doubt, coming to the right place. Here, you may be facilitated with the right kind of trainers to enjoy hiking with full zeal. The trekking is also available for further interest. You may enjoy the comfortable hotels plus restaurants with full hospitality. Such kind of people is offering you lovely feasts with yum flavors to have a happy stomach as well.

  1. Gilgit valley Pakistan Northern Area

It is the name of the beauty with pleasant weather. The sun is shining in the beautiful colors of the rainbow with the hues of rain. The lands are so smooth and aligned that the people look like they are from some other world. The beauty seems more in the most beautiful valley of Pakistan. It is correctly situated at the elevation of 1400 meters. It has a plethora of historical places. They are truly mysterious. They are worth visiting.

Some of the specific locations which are recommended to be visited for must are Budha sculpture and Taj Mughal. They are having the hidden truths of the history inside them; this is why tourists go for them. Other zones like Sher Qilla and Naltar valley which are accommodating the lovely resorts and private hotels for relaxation time.

Polo sounds a specific interest while visiting Gilgit. The tourists like to go and see the polo fun in Gilgit. Individual tournaments also catch a considerable audience during particular times of the year. The trout fishing is popular as it is having a specific kind of fish with yum flavor. You may enjoy the exact flavoring feasts.

  1. Kaghan valley

The magnificent valley is well-known for the land of fairies. They say that it is so much exquisite that elves have decided to stay here forever. People have probable attraction as they intend to see the individual zones and mountains for finding out the fairies and their mysterious stories. You are going to have an enjoyable experience in Kaghan valley.

The waters of the river Kaghan is so serene. You may enjoy the boating and wet feet in it. The most renowned fish can be seen in the zone. You may love to have the exact kind of trout plus mahasheer. The foodie people never miss the authentic and yum taste of the individual fried fishes.

River Kunhar is the correct tourist place for visitors. They enjoy the trip while boating and listening to the stories and legends of fairies. The vast and colorful waterfalls are adding to the entertainment and serene beauty of the zone. The most famous lake Saif-ul-malook is the prominent name for the visitors. They will not be missing it when visiting the Kagahn valley.

  1. Skardu valley

In Baltistan, the capital is Skardu. It is among the coldest zones of the country. One may see the lowest minus temperature in Skardu. The chilled weather and the harsh environment is not going to stop the tourists from visiting the area. It is lying in the mountain range of Karakoram. You can go via airplane.

The famous attractions at Skardu are Sadpara lake, Kachura lake, Shighar valley, Buddhist rock, and Khaplu valley. They have specific details for the visitors. They love to visit them all as they intend to know more about them. The high mountains are as beautiful as people like to go hiking and trekking.

  1. Swat valley

Last but not least, one is the Swat valley. It is one of the perfect places to spend your holidays. It is at the height of 900meters. The attractive slopes, beautiful tree gardens, orchids, and the breathtaking colors of floral beauty are going to stuck your mind at this place.

It is having specific traditions and a cool environment. You are going to love the stay at comfy resorts. The hospitality of the people is adding more to the proper time at Swat. Further, the swat river will attract you for the tasty fish plus boating. These are quite enough to make your tour above the mark.

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