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What Are Top Serene Places To Visit In Spain!

Spain sounds like the dreamland; Espana is one of the highly visited places in the world. One may visit the serene places of Spain to enjoy more and explore a lot in the beautiful localities and natural beauty of the special country. We cover places to visit in Spain.

Multiple localities are going to welcome you over there. Let us have a review of some of the popular locations to be aware of the specifics for a visit. Discover Spain by going through the following lovely destinations and uncover the hidden gems in an awesome adventurous manner. They are:

Places to Visit in Spain

There are so many places in Spain to enjoy as it had a record of multiple cultures. But especially the following ones deserve not to miss! You can see the beaches, castles, mosques, etc. with the natural beauty and so serene outlook of the country.

1.     Granada

It included Alhamra park and Sierra Nevada National park for the most value. It has a strong Arabic influence in the past; this is why it is a unique place in Spain. Granada has a plethora of bars and tea café in addition to bathhouses. It is grateful to the ancient Moorish empire for blessing the memories and beauty. It has breathtaking local treasures of serene beauty.

2.     Seville

The romantic city is fantastic to enjoy. It has the outdoor café and the horse-drawn carriages to attract the visitors. You will be get lost in the beauty of the place. It has beautiful plazas where you may buy the important products of your choice. The cobblestone streets are so attractive to keep you involved. The flamenco dance floor truly adds to the beauty of the nightlife in Seville.

3.     Cordoba

It is the best example of an architect. It is well-known and the best place to visit in Spain. Cordoba was once the centre of learning and education at the times of the Muslim empire. It had a beautiful and serene Cordoba mosque which is an example of the historical beauty of the ancient time in some way.

4.     Barcelona

It is unique for the high sized gates and attractions. It has the park Guell where the magnificent doors offer you the high welcome and the entertaining packages.  You may uncover the oldest historical perspective in cultural hides of Barcelona. It is the main area for urban sprawl. It is the cultural capital of Spain too.

5.     Madrid

Travellers mostly prefer to go to Madrid first. They like it for the party-hard reputation. It is varied, it has stunning parks, shopping malls and the best art institutions in the locality. It has two popular museums to grab the interest of the visitors.

6.     Valencia

It is the amalgam of old and new traditions. You might see it as a modern city in Spain. It has a modern art institute to enhance your thirst for art and architecture. The cathedral is attracting the visitors for the serene outlook. The fresh air of the beaches is soothing to add relaxation to your trip.

7.     Alicante

The beach lovers prefer this locality as it has multiple beaches from silent and simple to the noisy and bright ones. You may pick one of your choices! Santa Cruz is vibrant to add to the fun of travel. It has plenty of life offshore. You may have fun with the sands on beaches.

8.     Santander

The fresh air is available to breathe with full zest and zeal. The beaches are windy and sunny. You may go swimming, surfing, boating, sunbathing, etc. It is up to you how you want to make fun over there. The natural wonders are gorgeous enough to attract you.

9.     Marbella

Another locality for the beach lover is here. It has beaches and golf courses for you. The parks are floral with the serene beauty of a plethora of colours for the visitors. The iron balconies and the cobblestone streets are attracting the natural environs for the travellers.


Plan a trip to the real land of the small town. It is unique in geography; this is why the travellers are keen to visit it. The stunning architecture and fantasy lands attract visitors. It has historical old towns with the old traditional livings.


You may call It smallest sister beaches. The architectural marvels are awesome. The old structures of the buildings and cathedrals attract the visitors a lot. The scenery is beautiful and follows the beautiful natural patterns of natural beauties in it.


The resorts on the beaches are quite enough to attract the beauty of vacations. Travellers love it for the beautiful eastern edge of the country. It is indeed a busy city so you may come in contact with the locals too. It has the main beaches in Spain.

13.Costa Del Sol

It is the ideal place to visit if you have teenagers and kids with you. The popular destination is enhancing the visitors for the beaches. It has countless pursuits to be thankful.  It has water parks, theme parks and marine animal parks.


It is a small town in Spain. It is holding the old traditions and the perspective of beauty for the people to visit. The beaches are less, but they exist. It has a real natural outlook with very less percentage of the population.

Why visit Spain?

Definitely, if you intend to enjoy the beaches, sunshine and old traditions and architecture, then you must visit Spain. It is the land of beauty and the best climate. You will experience the mature traditional outlook in some of the localities.

It truly breathes taking. It has the history of a multiple Empires like Muslims, Christians and Jews in addition to some other minors.

The people are friendly and hospitable. You will feel comfortable but remember to learn specific words from Spanish to make your tour comfortable and attractive. Keep the memories of the journey as you are going to see the historical architecture and the plethora of beauties in the single package. So don’t miss the package and enjoy the beauty of nature on earth.

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