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Lucifer Season 5: 16-episodes Jambo Pack will Lead the Devil to Finale!

Lucifer, the story of the daredevil is getting back on Netflix for the last time with the release of its fifth and final season. Lucifer Season 5 will release by the beginning of 2020.

So, what sort of ending our daredevil’s story, Lucifer will have? Certainly, Lucifer is the one who fleed from the Hell to enjoy Earthly life but the dark evil forces still trying to stop him from doing so.

Throughout the previous four seasons, we have been a part of Lucifer’s journey which comes across many ups and downs but still, our daredevil managed to avert the threats of the evils. Anyhow, now, the things are more complicated as Lucifer had to go back to the Hell holding his throne but this isn’t what he wants so, he will definitely, seek a way out of the Hell and the evils once again.

So, in Lucifer Season 5, we will see Lucifer getting back to his love, Chloe while resigning his throne once again. Let’s see how he will be able to flee from the evils and his destiny, and getting back to the Earth where he wants to live with Chloe.

Another hurdle in Lucifer’s way to flee from the Hell is Eve who wants to be his queen in the hell. So, it will be hell intense to know, will Eve abduct his way or let him go back.


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