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Levi Ackerman Bust from Attack on Titan: Anime Series

Assault On Titan acquainted anime fans with a dull and extreme existence where the startling force of the Titans projects a long shadow over the world. For a whole century, the Eldians on Paradis Island were assaulted by the feared Titans, and just bold, lethal contenders, for example, Captain Levi Ackerman could retaliate and endure. Levi immediately set up a good foundation for himself as a cool, merciless, results-situated screw-up, being a fit chief yet additionally a sincerely far-off individual. He makes a couple of companions, however, for example, Hange Zoe and Commander Erwin Smith, and Levi had a troublesome childhood, which clarifies his harsh and narcissistic conduct. Numerous other anime characters are a bit like this, as well. 

During The Golden Age Arc, Casca Was A Lot Like Levi (Berserk) 

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The characters of Berserk went through many changes in the story, and after a point, Casca was preferably unique over Levi. During the Golden Age curve, however, the two characters were astoundingly comparative. The two of them were military officers who served under more prominent pioneers, like Griffith and Erwin Smith. 

At that point, Casca was steadfast and trained. However, she was genuinely pompous and not without reason. She had her psyche completely fixed on her obligation, and she had little persistence for rebel components, like Guts. That is like how Levi saw the risky Eren Yeager. 

Uryu Ishida Is Calm But Fierce, Like Levi (Bleach) 

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Besides having more lighthearted element minutes than Levi and an alternate battling style, Uryu Ishida the toxophilite is simple for Levi in the Bleach world. Uryu is harsh and genuine, and he is even nervous now and again since he bears the honour of the Quincy clan on his shoulders. 

Uryu plays off of Ichigo Kurosaki along these lines as Levi and Eren, for the most part chiding the shonen lead for being crazy and reckless. Like Levi, Uryu favours battling by the book, and he would prefer to pause for a moment and make a strong arrangement than jump straight into the activity. 

Kento Nanami Is Professional and Stern (Jujutsu Kaisen) 

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Kento Nanami is an accomplished jujutsu alchemist, however, he is not wistful with regards to it. He’s not going to contrast himself with a superhuman, for instance. He thinks that it is somewhat desirable over being a salaryman, and he doesn’t care for stupid good faith or open-finished inquiries. Nanami will in general have a straightforward, realistic disposition, very much like Levi, and he is more remarkable than the reckless shonen lead whom he is taking care of; for this situation, Yuji Itadori. If a genuinely incredible enemy appears, for example, Mahito, Nanami will demand assuming control over the battle. 

Thorfinn Is Fast, Deadly and Always Means Business (Vinland Saga) 


The primary distinction between Thorfinn and Captain Levi is that Thorfinn is certainly not a tactical pioneer. And all things considered, he follows Askeladd’s orders. Other than that, the two characters have some genuine cross-over, including their grievous origin stories. Levi’s mom kicked the bucket when her child was youthful, and Thorfinn saw his dad, Thors, killed before his eyes. 

Thorfinn is self-consumed, genuine, and unsentimental, similar to Levi. And he favours speed and accuracy over savage power in battle, another factor he and Levi share for all intents and purpose. Thorfinn can take on the powerful Thorkell and endure, which is great. 

Touka Kirishima Suffered Loss and Became A Bitter Semi-Loner (Tokyo Ghoul) 

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Touka Kirishima is the “bunny demon,” and she has encountered something reasonable of wretchedness. She and her younger sibling Ayato lost their dad to CCG agents, and afterward, Touka and Ayato headed out in a different direction. Touka turned into a semi-maverick from that point onward, fundamentally paying special mind to herself. Among demons, a biography like that isn’t surprising, and Touka’s harsh, unforgiving character isn’t normal for Levi Ackerman’s own. Also, similar to Levi, Touka before long turns into a partner of the hero and assists them with the trip for functional reasons. Not at all like Levi Ackerman. However, Touka later discovered love. She and Ken in the end got along quite well and hitched. 

Giyu Tomioka Is All Business, All The Time (Demon Slayer) 


Giyu Tomioka is the ebb and flows water Hashira, the expert of the very breathing strategy that Tanjiro Kamado himself employs. Indeed, Ginyu was the main Hashira to show up in the story. And he attempted to kill Nezuko Kamado until Tanjiro’s insubordination provoked him to remain down. 

Giyu is harsh and expert, and he watches out for not make numerous companions, something he gets prodded for. In any case, Ginyu isn’t severe or fierce, and he is most certainly a saint, similar to Levi Ackerman. Regardless of whether he doesn’t have a shimmering character. His character is sharp and hard, similar to a Nichirin cutting edge. 

The Goblin Slayer Focuses Entirely On The Mission At Hand (Goblin Slayer) 

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The troll slayer has gained notoriety for being a troll hater, and he just acknowledges missions. That includes killing those horrible little animals. Trolls are to him what Titans are to Levi Ackerman. And the troll slayer consistently has the right stuff close by for a butcher. The troll slayer genuinely disconnected from nearly everything around him. And he doesn’t jump when different globe-trotters get overpowered by trolls or different dangers. He will quickly retaliate for them in evident style and leave no troll standing.

Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye Is A Consummate Professional (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) 

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Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye is a focused and faithful official of the Amestris military. And to her, being by the book resembles relaxing. Obligation, etiquette and the mission consistently start things out. And she rushes to criticize any individual who messes about or breaks convention. 

Hawkeye can be hardhearted in battle, and she can rapidly fill a rival with lead. And continue to shoot until the task gets finished. That intently coordinates with Levi Ackerman’s savage battle style. For example, when he beat down Zeke Yeager’s Beast Titan. 

Lieutenant Takehisa Hinawa Is Also A Duty-Bound Soldier (Fire Force) 

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Lieutenant Hinawa is additionally fairly like Riza Hawkeye, including his battle style, which spins around guns. In contrast to Hawkeye. However, he has a heavenly start capacity that permits him to control the warmth and sparkles of a released slug. He would then be able to direct his slugs through the air. 

Hinawa, very much like Levi Ackerman, is a straightforward official who puts obligation first. And he isn’t at all wistful or ridiculous, besides his inadvertently helpless decision of dress. Like Levi, he’s speedy to criticize any individual who is relaxing or misbehaving. 

Shota Aizawa Means Well But Is Highly Demanding, Too (My Hero Academia) 

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Shota Aizawa is the homeroom instructor of Class 1-A, and while working as a saint, he underscores insight, covertness, and strategy over beast power. Levi Ackerman is a dangerous fighter who additionally favours key arranging and mobility over savage power. However, that didn’t prevent them from conveying genuine beatdowns to the Female and Beast Titans. 

Aizawa is harsh and requesting, and he is only the sort of instructor. Who can get Class 1-An’s uncontrollable understudies into shape as ace saints? He doesn’t regularly act happy or praises others. Yet, he views his job as an instructor in a serious way. And he beyond a doubt wishes to see all scoundrels fall. Levi can see the value in that.


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