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what a handyman does? 6 Important Tasks a Handyman must know

Before knowing what a handyman does, let us discuss what a handyman is.

Who is a Handyman?

According to the Webster dictionary, a handyman is a competent person in multiple small skills or ingenious in fixing or doing maintenance work. These small skills refer to the skills of maintaining or repairing various things around the house both interior and exterior. In some cases, these works are also mentioned as odd jobs, side work, or fix-up tasks. Similarly, a person who is doing such tasks is called by many names besides handymen such as fixer, handy worker, and handyperson. Even many people call for curtain installation by handymen.

Now let us see what a handyman does.

Work of a handyman

There are hundreds of tasks around a house that seem usual but a common person may not be able to fix such as fixing a leaky toilet seat or small electrical tasks including changing the light bulb. For this, people call up handymen. Generally, tasks related to plumbing, carpentry, painting, and electrical are the jobs of handymen. Although there are many other jobs a handyman can do, for now, we are only going to discuss the basic ones here.


It is one of the most common issues around the house which a handyman is called for. Electrical issues or painting may some people can do themselves but plumbing is a must for help. So, if you are going to work as a handyman, you must know all about plumbing and if you are the one calling for help do not fret as all handymen know about it. Handyman Dubai provides every kind of property maintenance service in Dubai, you can also get your plumbing issues solved by them.

Drywall fixing

Drywall refers to simple walls and drywall fixing or repairing refers to the fixing of holes, and small or huge scraps into the wall. With the right tools, fixing a hole or a small scrap is not complex. However, if we are talking about a large amount of destruction, you have to be a highly skilled handyman to fix it.

Electrical work

Another common task for handymen is related to electrical work. Generally, people call for professional electricians for such tasks but if the handyman has the license or certificate of a professional electrician then he can be called for such issues. However, if the tasks are simple such as changing light bulbs or fixing a wire, a simple handyman can be trusted.


The perfect job for him is carpentry. It is the easiest and most efficient work which all kinds of handymen can perform. Trimming or repairing doors, windows, tables, chairs, or any timber product should not be a complex task for him. Besides repairing, a handyman must know how to properly refinish and polish the structures.


Suppose you are called for carpentry work. After installing there is gonna be a need for painting. For this purpose, a handyman must be skilled in painting so that he can do both works which will benefit him.

Furniture Assembly

By buying furniture from companies like IKEA, many people become helpless by not being able to assemble their new furniture. This is where handyman services come too.

Other Important Maintenance Tasks

There are many other maintenance services that he can offer for example fixing a squeaky door, garden maintenance, mowing, tile installation, smart appliances setup, etc.

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