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Lelas Alwaleed – An Admiration for Women in the World

Lelas Alwaleed is a journalist and a businesswoman, currently living in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Being a journalist, she has encouraged and participated in many TV programs including Arab Broadcaster, Star Forum, and many more. Moreover, she is a woman who admires the culture and beauty. Persuading her love for both (culture and beauty), she admires both the fashion and the fashion industry. Besides all this, she has a passion for traveling and playing sports. In an interview, she told that her favorite sport is horseback riding. Lelas Alwaleed is an admiration for all the women who have the same passion for becoming a broadcaster.

The journey of Lelas Life

The journey of Lelas Life

Lelas is not just a simple journalist but an educated one. She believes that education and knowledge are something that made you valuable not just beautiful. She said in an interview that it’s the education that helps her achieve the achievements she has today and not just the beauty. She added beauty never lasts which leads to the failure of many broadcasters.

Lelas Alwaleed work in the Media Industry

Lelas Alwaleed

Coming from a small screen, she has now become a famous star in the Arab world showbiz. She has participated in different TV shows and hosts many programs. As she supports the idea of media talent, she participated in the “Arab Broadcaster” program presented by Abu Dhabi last year. In this program, an elite group of young journalists graduated. Lelas Alwaleed believes that such shows enrich the media industry with a lot of new talents who provide different ideas and visions. She is going to participate in the next season of the show and according to her, it will be a new and different experience for her.

Lelas Alwaleed work in the Media Industry

Besides Arab Broadcaster, she is working in “The star Forums” program where she is working with Ali Al-Yassi, the producer. There are in total 30 episodes of the show. Lelas Alwaleed recently exposed that she is close to completing the shooting of episodes. This show is scheduling to host a group of art stars including Nawal Al-Kuwaiti, Rashid Al-Majed, Abdullah Al-Ruwaished, Habib Al-Yassi, Asi Al-Hillani, and Hazaa Al-Raisi.

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