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Meet Patricia Torres and her journey towards being a Successful Business Woman

Guitjoo Patricia Torres is the PR director and media coordinator of Bobby Dee Presents (BDP) and a mother of two kids, a boy, and a girl. According to Patricia, her kids are her everyday motivation. Patricia is originally from Costa Rica. When she was nine years old, her mother brought her USA. There, she did hundreds of different jobs to achieve a successful and respectful life. With hard work and her skills, she managed to become a successful businesswoman. She is a multitalented woman with the skills of communication, organizing, thriving under pressure, event handlings, and many more. Patricia always said that she loves to talk to people, loves to learn about them, and be resourceful for them. She is now working to help various artists to reach their destinations.   

How Patricia started his Professional Life?

Patricia Torres came to the USA with her mother when she was nine years old. She could not speak English nor did she have any family there. Patricia Torres’s living status was not legal or secure but she wanted to be successful in that country and wanted to make her reputation so she asked her mother to do something about it. Patricia’s mother then used the fake documents to facilitate her a job in the McDonalds as a cashier. 

Patricia Torres

After some time, she got the job of a backstage TV host where her job was to interview all the musicians before they went on the stage. In between, Patricia Torres did different jobs with good repute no matter what the circumstances she had to face. There was a time when she was working as medical and dental assistance. She had also worked as an event and wedding planner. With all the efforts and hard-working, she was finally able to attain residency in the United States. 

Patricia Torres as a PR Professional in Entertainment

Even though she did a lot of jobs at which she was excellent, her passion was to come into the entertainment industry. Following her passion and creativity, she got the job at BDP and broke the barriers there.  

Patricia Torres

As told before, she is fond of talking to people especially artists. Having communication skills, the artist also loves to talk to her and share their stories as well as their true self with her. With Patricia’s creativity and passion, she managed to become the PR director of Bobby Dee Presents. Being a PR director, she is in charge of the company’s public social media pages, photos, website images, press, and other media. She is also the Creative Director of content development. Currently, she is handling the public relations for BDP and Uncle Snoop’s Army. She is managing the media, marketing, vendors, social media, and all the new artists who are signed to Uncle Snoop’s Army.          


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Patricia Torres

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