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What We Learned From Season 38 Week One of Jeopardy!

New Stage Dedicated to Alex Trebek

After Alex Trebek’s death, the producers of Jeopardy! have decided to honor the long-time host by naming the game’s stage after him. If you follow the show’s social media page, you likely saw a photo earlier this month with Trebek’s widow and children posing next to the plaque, sporting the stage’s new name. It is now officially ” The Alex Trebek Stage.”

If you don’t know the story behind this change, Trebek died at 80 in November 2020 from pancreatic cancer. Since then, Jeopardy! went through several guest hosts in an attempt to replace Trebek. While they almost had success in finding a new permanent host, he stepped down shortly after assuming his position, and the hunt is on again, with Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings taking over hosting roles until the end of the year.

New Look

When the first episode of season 38 aired, you were probably so excited. You may have noticed, after all this time, the set has gotten a new makeover. Since the show is so popular, the producers felt the need to keep the set looking fresh. Plus, they needed to ensure that the set was safe for contestants amid the pandemic.

Despite the aesthetic changes, you can still expect to have an enjoyable show. The contestants and host are now just going to be further apart, and their lecterns will look slightly different.

Hosting Debacle

As you’ve probably noticed, Jeopardy! is all about getting the facts right. That said, they seem to have forgotten the facts recently as they looked for a new successor for Trebek. After the installation of many guests hosts, they decided to install the show’s executive producer as the new permanent host.

However, this appointment did not last long. The new host resigned from his position after just a short time. Now, Jeopardy! is on the hunt for a new permanent host.

Continued Winning Streak of Matt Amodio

At the end of last season, Matt Amodio was on an 18-game winning streak. This is the fifth-longest winning streak in the game’s history. With his winnings of over half a million dollars, he was also the third richest winner in the show’s history. That means he kicked off this season about to catch the tail of some of the greatest players in the record books.

However, he’s still got a ways to go to catch up. The record he is trying to beat is Ken Jennings, who in 2004 won 74 consecutive games and went home with a total of $2,520,700.

Real Losers

As mentioned previously, the show’s executive producer, Mike Richards, resigned as the game’s host. In the end, Sony gave in to the woke mob about some of the comments Richards made on his podcast back in 2013 and 2014. These people blew this out of the water and made it a bigger distraction from the show than it needed to be.

After all, Sony knew about Richards’ past when they appointed him to the position of permanent host. Giving in to the crowd makes the fans the real losers, as they should have just stuck with their original decision.

These were some of the major changes you’ve probably noticed after watching week one of season 38. Keep on watching to see what is in store next.

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