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Top best Netflix series to watch in October 2021

Looking for the best Netflix series to watch this October? Look no further, we have created a list of our top 8 best Netflix series to watch in October. The list will include the top best Netflix Series and Shows. The title will be completely fresh. (And all series and shows that we are going to discuss below must be ranked 60% higher by google users). Many shows and series like Anne with an e, Midnight Mass, and brand New Cherry flavor are new on the list! So make sure to read this article till the end to know every detail about your favorite shows/series. 

Without any more delays, let’s start. 

Anne With An E 

Anne With An E 

This classic and heartwarming book and the film are in the hearts of many subscribers at Netflix out there. The story is about a 13-year-old teenage orphan who is finding love. Amybeth McNulty as Anne in this film is looking for acceptance and her real place in the world. She spent her childhood in very abusive orphanages and the homes of people she doesn’t know.

In 1890, Anne was sent to her aging siblings Marilla and Matthew. Her siblings were really smart. But the girl, Anne, proves herself unique, more imaginative, and smart. She changes the lives of many people in her town, including her siblings Marilla and Matthew. The film has been ranked by 60% of Google users out there. 


na msk

A style of documentary with a spice of comedy-drama. The story revolves around a group of people. The group of people is living on the edge of their town. The group’s core was Derek. Derek was imaginative and works at a retirement home. His love for his work and the people he cares for was extremely noticeable. Derek is in his 40s and stays a little afraid of being insulted only because of his childlike nature. (And his diminished behavior and social awkwardness). 

The story is filmed with Derek’s co-workers at home. Double his colleague and landlord, Hannah as his best friend. His friend was hard-working but always unlucky in love. Writer and director Ricky Gervais come in the title role acting. ( A character Derek builds for his stand-up routine ). The film has also been ranked 60% higher by Google users. 



The story is completely based on a nurse working in a mental hospital. The nurse becomes cruel and a real monster for her patients. The story title has been based on a real person. But, the storyline of Ratched is not true. The role of the nurse Mildred has also been based on a real person. Kesey drew got inspiration from his 1926 novel. ( Based on: working in a mental hospital and spending most of his time there ). Ranked 61% higher by google users out there. We will suggest you add this to your must-watch list without waiting any time. 

Behind her eyes

Behind her eyes

Looking for some excitement and a thrilling watch? If yes, so let us tell you a little about behind her eyes. Behind her eyes is a story of a single mother (Louise) out there. The mother has to face too many twisted games. And, some twisted minds are too. Let’s come to the point, Louise starts an affair with her boss, while being friendly with his strange wife. But the couple ends up being tangled by that single mom Louise. Behind her eyes is the most unpredictable film we have ever watched. So what’s holding you guys? Go and stream it now. Behind her eyes has been ranked 62% higher by Google users. 


Top best Netflix series to watch in October 2021

After creating “Damages”, ” Bloodline ” is on the go. A full lack of thrill and adventure, bloodline is here. Bloodline is dramatic but a thriller film. The story revolves around an American family saving themselves from demons. The family has a dark past with a lot of hidden secrets that they want to keep buried.  

In this film, many good people are forced to do such bad things. We are not going to tell you the whole story here. And, we can just suggest you have a look at this one too. Bloodline has also been ranked 62% higher by google users out there. 

Emily in Paris


How can we forget about adding some comedy spice to our list? So, Emily in Paris is an American dramatic comedy film. This streaming television Film is created by Darren Star. The story of this series revolves around the girl Emily (Lily Collins). An American girl moved to Paris, to provide an American point of view to a French Marketing Firm. 

There (in Paris) she works hard to succeed at her workplace. While she was searching for love and acceptance in a city, far from her home. This show hits its viewers differently. Also, it has ranked 63% higher by google users out there.  



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