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Instant Dream Home just crashed the Netflix top 10

There are only 12 hours for designers. A half-day! Because of the incredibly quick turnaround, HGTV’s home improvement programs appear boring and uninteresting. Since its premiere on August 10th, Instant Dream Home has been steadily moving up the Netflix Top 10 list, indicating that it has probably helped the show’s popularity grow.

Danielle Brooks (Orange Is the New Black) serves as the project manager for the 200-person team of designers, architects, carpenters, artisans, builders, and decorators on Instant Dream Home. The eight episodes, each lasting about 45 minutes, are all centered on various residences.

For years, the refurbishment subgenre has enjoyed enormous popularity. The most popular shows include This Old House, Trading Spaces, Fixer Upper, and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Although some of these renovations to reality are completed in a week or even a few days, most take at least a month. The shorter time intervals, however, typically concentrate on a single area or only decor adjustments (like on Queer Eye). The rapidity of Instant Dream Home stands out, yet it has also generated some controversy.

How does Instant Dream Home work?

In the original Netflix series Instant Dream Property, a group of people, led by Brooks, swarm “a home that needs a little bit of TLC, but for different reasons — health, financial, or otherwise — the owners haven’t been able to do it themselves.”

Even the homeowners are unaware that the renovation is taking place. They are suggested by accomplices (friends or relatives), who assist in removing them for the day. The team then arrives to begin the renovation.

However, they are not beginning from scratch. The team has spent weeks or even months preparing the project, generating mock-ups, mock-up designs, and even practicing. By the end, kids have a sizable task schedule with colors.

Every project has a distinct goal. The team is transforming Beth-house Anne’s in the first episode to make it more accessible for her as she deals with vision loss and gets ready for the arrival of her first grandchild. They construct a schoolhouse in the family’s backyard for the five kids in episode 2. A bathroom is added in a later chapter to offer a single mom and her children additional room.

The team frequently makes use of pre-built items because they have so little time on the actual renovation day. They set up a prefabricated kitchen in Beth-home’s, Anne’s complete with a stove, dishwasher, and cabinetry. Cranes lower the schoolhouse into the area.

The homeowners return after the 12-hour period has passed, stunned and moved by the transformation.

How does Instant Dream Home work

Why Instant Dream Home is getting dinged

Some people are criticizing Instant Dream Home for being “false” According to a Redditor’s complaint  “These homes’ and yards’ modifications need approval from the HOA, planning permission, and other authorities. These occurrences cannot possibly occur without the homeowner being aware of them.”

Other posters in the same thread make the argument that all home improvement shows are faked.

The quick turnaround time caused several viewers to become upset. “What shortcuts must have been made in order to hastily remodel a house in just 12 hours? Similar to the majority of these renovation shows, these homes will be in disrepair in 5 years “A Reddit user commented.

The original poster responded: “The fact that they virtually damage the entire house and yard with bad, hurried construction is what I find most obnoxious about this show. Additionally, they frequently alter structures, which takes more time and accuracy to complete properly.”

In his review for Decider Joel Keller expresses a similar viewpoint. Although he suggests watching the show online, he also noted, “If you don’t worry about it too much, Instant Dream Home is a fun remodeling show that gives renovated homes to deserving people. However, it doesn’t take much thought to see that these improvements might not be the greatest option for the families receiving them.”

Where is Instant Dream Home on Netflix filmed?

Transforming houses was a specialty of Instant Dream Home, and it operated out of Atlanta. Episode 7 features a family member of the Respres confirming to Reality Titbit that they are from Georgia. Netflix has also acknowledged that filming took place in Atlanta.

The Atlanta, Georgia, residence of series regular Anaré Holmes. Since host Danielle Brooks was born in Augusta, Georgia, before her family relocated to South Carolina, filming in Augusta must have felt like a homecoming.


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 Danielle can get there in a little over two hours, but the show’s stars like Dre Davis live in Atlanta and had no idea filming was going until after the remodel was finished.

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