Infinite Crisis on Earths Crossover, Grave Danger on Arrowverse Superheroes

Infinite Crisis on Earths will be a crossover event consisting of 5 epic episodes. In the crossover, Arrowverse/Multiverse superheroes will together save humanity amid recreation of a neutral world after devastating destruction.

In the upcoming crossover, Superheroes of Arrowverse will eventually avert the most devastating dangers set to overrule and destroy many of the parallel universes.

The crossover will include 5 episodes each from the superhero series. The crossover will be held in a way that each of the crossover episodes will air as a part of their respective superhero TV series as follows:

  • SupergirlĀ  (8 December 2019)
  • Batwoman (9 December 2019)
  • The Flash (10 December 2019)
  • Arrow ( 14 January 2020)
  • Legends of Tomorrow (14 January 2020)

So, the crossover event will start on 8 December 2019, and continue till 14 January 2020. Surely, the 5-episodic crossover will unleash the breath-taking battle.

Sadistically, as per the comics, Supergirl, and Flash will die in the way to position the dis-oriented parallel universes. Let’s see whether the TV series makers will add this bitter truth or twist the crossover in some other way.

Moreover, there will be the alternate versions of the superheroes coming from the alternate Earths. It will be hell freaky to watch what the superheroes and their alternates will do to avert the infinite crisis.

So, get ready to ride the infinite crisis roaler coaster.

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