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How to get Instagram followers – Tips that work

Instagram is a social media platform that gained user loyalty so fast. It is a free photo and video sharing public network that is available for iPhone and Android. Instagram focuses more on visual sharing and mobile use. Similar to other social networks, everyone who has an Instagram account has a news feed and a profile. Every user interacts with one another by liking their photos, sharing Instagram stories, commenting, tagging on posts, and messaging. However, Instagram is not only for individuals, but businesses also engaged in the activity. The Platform gives free opportunities to owners to promote their brand by Instagram. Also, they have access to impressions and engagement metrics that shows how successful their activity is. As known, engagement rates on brands are less than 0,1%. Remarkably, Instagram beats them all.

The photo or video that you post on Instagram is on your profile and the news feed. Your followers can see these posts as well as you see posts from people you follow.

We need more followers to increase the engagement rate. Now It’s time to know how to get Instagram followers.

Use relevant hashtags.

Hashtags remain one of the essential aspects. We can conclude that they are not as important at first glance. Universally trending hashtags are a fundamental tool to make your business or profile visible to everyone. These hashtags include #instagood #instadaily #tbt #photooftheday. General hashtags only grow a general audience that may not be related to your business. Using hashtags not specific to your industry or business would help you gain very few followers. Instead of just putting a large number of tags on a post and hoping for likes and engagement to increase, businesses need a particular strategy for using hashtags on Instagram. You better use hashtags that your target audience would be interested in. According to Quantum Marketer, what you might find helpful is using a hashtag tracking tool that can significantly improve social media growth. Hashtags are what make your Instagram content discoverable.

Adjust post descriptions.

Full and inspiring description can capture the followers’ hearts. Some of the companies use stunning storytelling in their posts to generate sharing and engagement as well. Brand’s or person’s Instagram voice is so important and needs to be developed time by time. The right content is also essential so the people won’t skip your photo every time they scroll down the feed. Encourage audience interactions by asking a question related to the topic at the end of the description or make them comment on your post by conversational captions.

Create IGTV series.

IGTV allows us to make creative content that can last longer than ordinary video uploaded on Instagram. With IGTV, you do not need to rotate your mobile device. Videos automatically play in portrait orientation and full screen. Many influencers are keen on this technique. They record IGTV not only for their followers but for a new targeted audience that will be engaged. So you can try yourself as an Instagram blogger to increase engagement and number of followers.

Update your bio URL.

If you have a business profile, use that clickable link in your bio section and put your latest post or content on another. It will be visible near the profile description every time a user visits your profile. She or he will be able to press on it due to interest and will move to your latest news.

Be interesting.

Your profile should not be boring and dull. Make creative content because you should focus on essential factors and take a stand on important issues. It would gain more customer loyalty, as well as interaction. Followers will be likely to wait for your posts impatiently.

Use influencers for your campaign.

This technique became very popular. Partnering with influencers in your region or having the same target audience has the potential of gaining high engagement without fighting for their awareness. Influencers up to 100k followers have fewer sponsored posts. Accordingly, they don’t make the audience give up on their profile and unfollow them. Therefore, it is beneficial for a person or a company to follow a marketing guide and to appear in influencers’ posts.

In conclusion, remember to create content that would increase your target audience and not a general audience, be concrete, funny, informational, and not boring! Get local, see everyone in your surroundings, stalk on Instagram trends, and manage how you use them, which tags and keywords you need. Develop your Instagram style, take control of tagged posts. Remove posts that are unnecessary and only leave posts that have the highest reach. When it comes to Instagram caption ideas, you need to tell an informational, stunning story to attract more people.

Finally, using these techniques will help you not only increase engagement but also get more followers. They would follow your daily news, engage in conversations, and comment, like, share your posts.

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