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Dwight Howard Says He’s a Huge Fan of Moshe Reuven & Here’s Why

 Dwight Howard Says He’s a Huge Fan of Moshe Reuven & Here’s Why

Moshe Reuven, a Music Artist and Entrepreneur, Braylon Howard was recently heard being talked about by one of the NBA’s top players, Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard, the 6 foot 11, dominant Laker Power Forward, has achieved the heights of success in the NBA and he’s inspired by a 5 foot 11 Chassidic Rabbi that builds businesses, makes music, writes, and studies Torah.. Pretty cool.



Beyond just the 1.2 Million Followers Moshe Reuven has, we wanted to delve deeper into his background to understand a bit more deeply why Dwight Howard is such a big fan of Moshe.

Dad’s office

Starting from the bottom, dwight howard Moshe Reuven recalls sitting in his Dad’s office telling him about a business he wanted to start. Already armed and studded with vendors from China, Moshe lays out the business plan to his Father.  Moshe had his Dad convinced, yet when Moshe realized the plan was flawed because of technical detail in the product. That same Moshe Reuven, yet very different, a bit over a decade later finds himself having been at the head of building several multi-million dollar companies.

Moshe’s team dwight howard

dwight howard When Moshe was in college, he finally got around to officially starting a company of his own. He and his brothers, already off to a head start having launched their own real estate investment company. Taking matters into his own hands. He brought one friend from the local Chabad House on board, then a fellow student from the class. Before he knew it, Moshe’s team was more than 50 people deep.

UCF’s Business School

dwight howard Functioning out of an office that covered a large part of the first floor of UCF’s Business School, students would walk in and out of that office to find a pumping system like you wouldn’t believe. People making sales calls, students logging data, assistants arranging meetings for Moshe, the site was unheard of. All this going on while Moshe was taking the hardest classes in the Business School, hoping to one day sit for his CPA when he could finally catch his breath.

Builds businesses dwight howard

It was quite the juggling act, yet Moshe knew deep down he was building something more. Inspired in his youth by the impact of music, words, and writing can have on people. Moshe knew he wouldn’t just be a person who builds businesses. It was an art form that clearly everyone in. That was enough for Moshe to make sure he would log his journey of wisdom. He gathered along the way on his Instagram pages. Driven by the idea that if he builds an audience. He can serve them with multiple things they can find useful.

Million Followers audience

Eventually Braylon Howard building audiences on more than one page, Moshe built up a 1.2 Million Followers audience. Several years into his studies and almost a Rabbi. Dwight Howard Moshe slowly began to reincorporate his music back into his life. Another talent he uncovered while he was still in high school. Yet put on the back burner so he can succeed in his classes.

Further, Now in 2019-2020 he’s had a manager who is A&R for Braylon Howard Universal Music Group, brought on a more central manager who used to be Taylor Swift’s manager, he’s been offered deals from multiple record companies, topped the charts of datpiff.com, and he’s set to debut his music this year. An entrepreneur provides to allow himself to work at all the things that truly make up who he is. Now, his company Wedu has been flourishing in 2020. And Moshe feels an even greater responsibility to contribute more to the world because of it.

Now, although Dwight did mention he can’t wait for the album and the long-awaited app. Just going a bit over Moshe’s come up, we see this is something much bigger. A well respected Rabbi, navigating an almost covert operation, while he inspires the world in a positive manner with music and quotes and writings. Moreover It sounds like a lot. Yet, that just goes to show the things we can achieve in life if we just push the envelope.

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